Friday, February 20, 2015

The Hubbard - 20 February 2015

The Hubbard is Tourdecouch's lighter look at the world of pro cycling, with a bit of news curation on the side

Cancellara not finished yet

After winning Tour of Oman's second stage and currently leading the GC, Fabian Cancellara shows us there's life in the old dog yet. Panic over. We have a bit more time to see Fabian do things he does best:

 - towing team mates

- looking majestic

- looking majestic

Valentine's Day

Fabian also reminded us on Valentine's Day what love is all about

He wasn't the only one wishing us a happy hallmark day.

These guys showed us it's not easy being green:

And Taylor Phinney - in a Martin Sheen alone in a Saigon hotel room way - reminded us the day can be difficult:

Tortur(ing) artist.

Something not in The Rules but should be? Cyclists should not rap. Here's cyclo cross World Cup title winner Kevin Pauwels finding some spare time to rhyme.  (link via @dwuori)   (in link, click on image of Kevin in car to play video)

Draw something

To another tortured artist. You may remember Peter Sagan from consistent podium place finishes and of course podium mishaps. Peter has asked his fans  to draw how they see him.

Here's an animated entry.

The effects of pro cycling:

Of course, the endurance nature of pro cycling can have other effects on riders.

- malnutrition

- bad teeth and mouth breathing

This post explains that if endurance athletes ignore their teeth they will erode from sugary drinks, gels and mouth breathing. Wait, what, endurance sports cause mouth breathing? 

- delusions of grandeur

An easy place to look for an example is Chris Horner. He said in this interview with Cycling News:

"I own (the) Redlands (Classic)....I'm one of the best in the world. Why would I retire?."

There's lots of choice quotes in that one, but I also like;

"I could put together a team right now with near-40 and over-40 guys that would be the best in the world, probably ranked second or third best team in the world. But directors don't want us."

Sean Yates is another good example.

Non delusions of grandeur

Cycling brand Ground Effect certainly have none. In this video, they celebrate being around for 20 years and light heartedly look at their failures. (via @cyclingiq)

Lance Mails it In

Lance Armstrong avoided appearing in court for that time he let his girlfriend take the wrap for crashing his car into other cars. He paid his $238.50 in fines and court costs by mail.

The Hubbard wonders how he will get his other fine through the post:

Separated at birth

Nah, not Kristof, more like this guy

Other gratuitous cute photos

OK, there's already been cute photos, so here's another one:

But this one of Jasper Stuyven, posted for Throwback Tuesday by Trek Factory Racing is even better.

Wiggo Update

The word on the online publishing street is Wiggins will win Paris Roubaix and Rio gold, or die trying. Meanwhile, his development team - WIGGINS - has launched its kit:

British as f*k. Yeah, you have probably already seen this but did you know how it is made? Produced by Rapha, it is created from merino wool, dyed with the essence of beetroot and blueberries found growing only on the cliff in the Karate Kid III movie.

John Degenkolb and the Four Seasons

Koen de Kort posted this tweet today about John Degenkolb:
Perhaps because he can do anything:

This does not at all make The Hubbard think of this, nope:

And on that note, I'll leave you with:

Tweets of the week:

Cycling fan and Velo Voices contributor, Midge Tremayne, tweeted this while watching the Track Worlds Scratch Race. She noticed Irish rider Martyn Irvine had not made the breakaway five to contest the final medal winning sprint:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Hubbard

Yes, another year, another name change for Tourdecouch's lighter look at the world of pro cycling. Just like the new cycling, it's a lot like the old one.

...he COULD have you killed?

It's quite fitting the noisiest voice in cycling kicks off this year's shenanigans.

In this article, Oleg Tinkov says of his team's star rider, Peter Sagan:

“I want him to win two or three big Classics...if he doesn’t succeed I will feel upset, but I’m not going to kill him.”

Ahem. OK.

The Hubbard found this footage of Oleg Tinkov riding with Tinkoff Saxo at their Gran Canaria winter training camp.

Thor threatened to mess up Edvald Boasson Hagen real good

Oleg's attitude towards Peter Sagan may have been the reason why Thor Hushovd "encouraged" Edvald Boasson Hagen to not sign with Tinkoff Saxo when they talked about it last summer:

"Edvald, you should not sign for Tinkoff. If you do, then I'll give you a slap," he told Norway's TV 2. (read more here)

Sure, Tinkov could probably have you killed, but who knows what Thor could do to EBH's beautiful baby face.

Run (to) BMC

Speaking of inspired career moves, what about the one Rohan Dennis made from Garmin-Cannondale to Team BMC? Dennis said he has a lot to thank BMC for  - and they quite rightly milked the marketing right out of the opportunity - because they made it easy for him to pursue his dream of smashing the Hour Record. It's hard not to think here of an illustration involving a Garmin device failing to upload/Vaughters failing to call as opposed to Swiss precision. How precise? Well, both new/old cycling stalwarts Andy Rihs and Jim Ochowicz predicted Dennis would ride 52.4.

Of course this means Rohan Dennis is not only the first Australian to hold the UCI Hour Record but also the first rider to do so while distracted by sausages. Like any good Aussie kid:

"I wish they weren’t cooking sausage in the middle [of the track] – because I can smell it... it made me want to pull up. It made me feel like I was at a Christmas barbecue or something… and I could just pull up and have a sausage on a piece of bread....but it probably kept my mind a little bit fresher and not worrying about the race so much and it was something that distracted me from the pain.” (Read more here over at RIDE Cycling Review)

Rohan's Hour Record followed on from his pre hour record hit out, the Tour Down Under, where he became the next Australian rider to become the next Cadel Evans.

Who has made his own career move to love guru:
A really big certificate

The UCI's response to Rohan Dennis' feats prompted this reaction on Twitter from German track cyclist, Kristina Vogel, a holder of world records herself:
Don't worry Kristina, they're devalued a bit as UCI probably hands them out to any male road cyclist that doesn't fail a blood or urine test.

In fact they probably gave one to Roman Kreuziger for not failing this blood doping procedure lie detector test.
Probably A LOT of butt clenching going on there:
A baby giraffe in the kitchen

Over to more butt clenching, but this one prompted by the fear of Michelle Cound. Chris Froome in a more human, less Sky bot tweet posted an adorable picture of one of his mess ups: 
He was probably distracted as he had this to say about Alberto Contador last month:

"I am thinking I wonder what he’s up to today..."

Like a raging bull in a press conference 

It wouldn't be a lighter look at cycling without a reference to Mark Cavendish. That's why I remind you of this brilliant work from Cav even though you have probably seen it.

Not long after, this was every journalist in the room:

Tweet of the week: