Friday, June 6, 2014

Our Chute Doc: Dos Hombres

Let the Chute Doc heal your wounds with a light hearted look at the world of cycling. Our Chute Doc is a play on the word "chute" French for fall or crash, used a lot in cycling. It is also an anagram of Tour de Couch. (This section was formerly known as That's So Couch)

Nairo Quintana gets ready to reenact a scene from Lion King

Rigoberto Uran just can't work out why he lost the the Giro

....and Yorkshire granny says, Game On, Rigo

Froome's book details what must one must first do to reach him

Evelyn Stevens wears her sunglasses at night...and on her head, and her face

Budget efficiencies already found at SBS

The redacted version of RIDE #64

The leaked first draft of the La Course poster

...reports say it was cancelled after the AIGCP, and Oleg Tinkov surprisingly stood up for the womens' tour

POC's Earth HQ finally reaches the Mother Ship which arrives for world domination

.....Catlike have something to say about that
....and Chavanel will be ready for them well as Valentina Scandolara

Dos Hombres

You all thought I was going to post something about Svein Tuft and Michael Hepburn (am I the only one who thinks he looks a little like Ethan Hawke). Well, yes

But there was other duos showing bro love this week:

And of course:

Love that can't be mocked this week
And with that, catch ya on the flip side!!

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  1. I really love watching this kind of posts Rachel! :D

    Have to say that when I'd read the tittle, thought the post was gonna deal with Froome/Wiggo or with Urán/Quintana, because of the Spanish words "Dos hombres".

    Nice one.