Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gerrans' Goodwill Gone?

"I am always surprised when people come up to me wearing a T-shirt that says, "Shut up legs!" It was just something I said once, long ago, to a journalist who'd asked how I could dig so deep in races. But even today people who see me say, "Come on, Jens. Tell us! You know what we want to hear!" "Shut up legs," I say, and they love it. They laugh. They tell me it inspires them. This is never annoying. It's flattering, this whole idea that I have somehow become a racer who means something to people." (Jens Voigt in Bicycling Magazine)
I thought of Jens following the eruption of this morning’s Mount Etna size PR disaster involving Simon Gerrans, Trinity Management and Sock Height (see here).  

How many people have made hundreds or the lucky ones, thousands, selling merchandise containing Jen’s catch phrase?

It is part of Jens Voigt’s brand.  I may be wrong (and please tell me if I am), but as far as I’m aware Jens or anyone representing him has not gone after a share of that money or sent out any cease and desist letters. He sees it all as a bit of fun and something that doesn't hurt his value. He is working with rather than against his image.

This eclipses an innocuous line on some person’s website that has technically not yet launched. A person with only about 30 Twitter followers before the cease and desist letter.

A smashing RIDE Cycling Review magazine this quarter profiles Simon Gerrans and his career highs this season. Working so hard since January winning the National Championship Road Race, the Tour Down Under right up until his win at Liege Bastogne Liege, it is a story some people could not make up.

Pfft. In an eye blink, all that goodwill has gone.

Hopefully this is something Simon Gerrans himself sorts out with his management for the damage to his brand far outweighs any compliment contained in a website introduction. 


  1. Interesting to see that Cease and Desist is from Andrew McQuaid (Director - Trinity sports management) who is the son of ex UCI president Pat McQuaid, You'd think he would be aware of the Streisand effect ...

  2. Jens' spirit for the better things in life is evident in nearly everything he posts.
    Another way in which he is an excellent leader. I've a feeling Gerrans would not be aware of this move, or endorse it if he were. Let's see how it pans out.
    Via Collins.