Wednesday, May 28, 2014

QOTD - Giro Race Director on the "chaos"

Giro Race director Mauro Vegni:
"There was low cloud on the first six or seven hairpins of the descent of the Stelvio so you couldn’t get a sense of the bends. To protect the riders, we had motorbikes with flags to signal the trajectory for the riders  We never spoke about neutralising those hairpins or that part of the course. I’m sorry that this misunderstanding came about. It doesn’t seem to me that race radio spoke about neutralisation. Maybe things could have been clearer but I'd say that a rider in a jersey should have looked for more information and not taken the risk of assuming descent was neutralised."


  1. Looks so confi there...

    I'd say that a director in a jacket should have looked for more security and heat and not taken the risk of watching the stage in a helicopter.

    Sitting on his coach near a full working chimney, maybe?

  2. "Maybe things could have been clearer."
    Wow. That's a fair degree of self-criticism there!