Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Chute Doc: Giro etc - what a mess

Let the Chute Doc heal your wounds with a light hearted look at the world of cycling. Our Chute Doc is a play on the word "chute" French for fall or crash, used a lot in cycling. It is also an anagram of Tour de Couch. (This section was formerly known as That's So Couch)

Kicking the theme of this week is Tanko Sixcoff.. Saxo Tinkoff rider Rafal Makja
What happened?
It hasn't been a great time for Cadel either, or for that matter, some cycling opinion "leaders" for he fell from this estimation to perhaps finding a post cycling career job that utilises his voice

Mind you, only if he speaks in English. Still can't believe how much deeper his voice is in Italian.

The UCI and AIGCP form a circle to watch Oleg Tinkov pull some killer breakdance moves
Understandably, the moves were so risky, Oleg finally wore a helmet, but he was yet to pull off in public what he says is his signature breakdance move, the Mikhailov.

Huge posters and other groovy images of Marco Pantani looming over several Giro stages this year celebrate the tragedy of his death 10 years ago. More on whether this is hypocritical or not here.
Marco wasn't the only ghost of doping past haunting this year's event.
Ironically, these two were arguing over the rules and sportsmanship.

Team Sky, feeling a little irrelevant, what with social media talking about nothing but the Giro and awesome climbers not on their team, somehow managed to get this in the news cycle. If you can't be bothered clicking the link, the story is as detailed as the headline: David Brailsford says Bradley Wiggins is not their plan B for the Tour de France. Additionally, he was heard to say:
"Sky has never raced with a plan B. I don't know what a plan B looks like, but it's not Bradley Wiggins."
Finally, the best show of love by teammates:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

QOTD - Giro Race Director on the "chaos"

Giro Race director Mauro Vegni:
"There was low cloud on the first six or seven hairpins of the descent of the Stelvio so you couldn’t get a sense of the bends. To protect the riders, we had motorbikes with flags to signal the trajectory for the riders  We never spoke about neutralising those hairpins or that part of the course. I’m sorry that this misunderstanding came about. It doesn’t seem to me that race radio spoke about neutralisation. Maybe things could have been clearer but I'd say that a rider in a jersey should have looked for more information and not taken the risk of assuming descent was neutralised."