Tuesday, April 1, 2014

@digger_forum to join Team Sky

Prolific keeper of the online cycling forum and anti doping flame, @digger_forum will soon join Team Sky as staff, it was announced today.

David Millar's sibling, Sky's PR darling Fran, said "We are all about marginal gains and efficiency here at Team Sky. This way I don't have to engage with him all night on Twitter, I can just talk to him while he drives the bus, massages Wiggo, or gives Froome VO2 max testing."

"Plus, he highlighted some real problems for us that we now know embedding David Walsh did not address," Fran Millar added.

While Digger did not respond to our tweets, he said in a forum somewhere that he was thrilled to finally have the insider access he could only dream about. "I might even change my mind, especially if I get a chance to rifle through all their bins at the hotel."

More to come...or not..soon.

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