Friday, April 11, 2014

Contador, buzzing the tower

Let the Chute Doc heal your wounds with a light hearted look at the world of cycling. A play on the word "chute", French for fall or crash, used a lot in cycling, and also an anagram of Tour de Couch. (This section was formerly known as That's So Couch.)

You all saw that tweet of Michelle Cound's before she protected her account from the ferals?  I'd be amazed if you didn't, but if not it's on this post. But basically, after watching The Armstrong Lie over someone else's shoulder on a 10 hour flight somewhere, she became angry. Subconsciously, she knew Froome would never look as good as Bruyneel in chinos. Consciously, she was maddened by doping and the open bunny ears, scrutiny, close bunny ears, Froome received at last year's Tour. So she went a bit..ahem..postal wondering if let's say Contador does well at this year's Tour, Tinkoff Saxo will receive the same level of doping questions as Sky and Froome did last year.

Yeah...cycling's Lady Macbeth probably has a point. But it's kinda uncool. And after this:
...Porte giving up the Giro for the Tour, Wiggins' beard and cobbles, and Brailsford quitting his job at British Cycling, it looks like Sky are battening down the hatches.

Sure, she tried to back up the dump truck:

(via )

...but the trash was already out there. Hang on though. Did she actually watch The Armstrong Lie?  How can trash talking ever faze the guy who put up with what he did during the 2009 Tour de France, still attacked and then managed to put this look on Bruyneel's face:
Bruyneel's reaction here reminds me of the traffic control tower guy in Top Gun who shouts "Maverick" and spills his coffee all over himself:

I can just imagine this year's tour if Sky, used to controlling everything, get buzzed by Contador. "Ah, Pistolero," Brailsford will say, spilling his unicorn milk drink.

Whatever is going on, Contador doesn't seem fazed.

An interim disciplinary system  

Before the football card or an actual workable disciplinary system arrives, BMC's Manuel Quinzato is happy to dish out corporal punishment to alleged wrong doers:

Why women's cycling can't have nice things #2

Remember this?
 Now, there's this.

Other news 

These Yorkshire cyclists took "riding piano" literally:

...yep, those Yorkshire folk are really loving the Tour coming to town!  

Mark Cavendish enjoys some alone time to listen to the Frozen soundtrack 

Jurgen Roelandts passes a stone

Preparations for Paris Roubaix differ somewhat for Sep Vanmarcke and Fabian Cancellara

That's it, have fun on New Year's Eve - I mean Paris Roubaix - Christmas was last week after all (Flanders!)

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