Monday, March 17, 2014

The Rusty Crank: What doesn't give me the right to ride on the road?

Tell me, Normie Alberts, what doesn't give us the right to ride on the road if the law does? Rego? Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary saying it's a bad idea given the money cycling contributes to the economy and how bike rego will cost more to administer than it raises, I'll pay it.

Then what will your attitude be? Tell me? Will you love us all and stop calling us faggots?

Why do you have this attitude where as a consequence of what you want to do to a cyclist, we could die?

Why does being in a car give you more of a right to be on the road than me?

Why would you rather murder me than wait 10-30 seconds to go around? 

Why does Bicycle NSW Chairman Alex Unwin say we shouldn't be there cycling on that road?  This today in the Herald Sun:
Chairman of Bicycle NSW, said he tried to avoid Southern Cross Drive at all costs, given the sheer weight of traffic on the road "The people and bikes weight something like a 100kg and they're going at a decent pace. Add trucks and heavy cars to the mix and you've got a recipe for disaster."
Why are there reports of the driver at the scene saying they were in the wrong lane? Um, really given there being more reports that is likely it was inattention? Why are there also reports of the cop at the scene allegedly saying it was the cyclists' fault?  Does the cop not allegedly know the road rules he is meant to uphold?

Why were there so many people yesterday on social media with the attitude of Normie Alberts, Unwin and allegedly the copper at the scene?

Tell me, what doesn't give me the right to ride on the road?

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