Friday, February 28, 2014

Our Chute Doc: Sagan's Throne, and Stuart O'Grady's new job in Australian cycling

Let the Chute Doc heal your wounds with a light hearted look at the world of cycling. A play on the word "chute", French for fall or crash, used a lot in cycling, and also an anagram of Tour de Couch. (This section was formerly known as That's So Couch.)


It's a good day when a Chris Froome picture has him in actual clothes:

Peter Sagan’s girlfriend does not get that a man’s toilet is his castle

Translation:  Uhh...with Kate having coffee in Monaco and I find this in the bathroom....interesting.

That's a Slovakian magazine he's reading. The article which I think is here and can sort of patch together through the googles, says she was almost a Miss Slovakia or something and that he didn't have a problem when he found out she used to prance around in a bikini a lot. A Slovakian magazine in a Monaco cafe toilet? I smell a set up. Either that or he went in after her.

Tinkoff Saxo use Contador to play dot to dot in the cold

And speaking of nipples, Oz cycling and other media seem to be milking Stuart O'Grady's - a mutual milking though:   (although this is a good opinion piece about it on their site – like Lee’s comment about riders not being presentable) 

...and I'm too tired to put any more up. Did he need to dope to get through all these interviews? 

Australian cycling (and other) media not only helped Stuart O’Grady shift some books just seven months after admitting to past doping slash admitting just before getting busted – but they also helped him smooth the fans over for his likely new job at Orica Green Edge as a DS or “consultant.” How long do we give it til he’s in a job like that – three, six months? And if that happens, it only means one thing – cycling will never be able to draw that line in the sand it so magically thinks is there between now and the past because the past just keeps wanting a cycling job or to write a book – and the present keep wanting to have a drink with it – well, the ones they like anyway.

Stuart said he felt bad lying to Vance but probably wouldn't have if that pesky French senate thing hadn't happened. I feel bad for rhyming Vance with Lance which I will do here because Stuart says he still won’t drink with him because he doped 7 more times than he did – or if it was every second day that’s 70 to about 10, if Lance didn't dope every stage – which he probably did which also doesn't make it a level playing field and why none of us should drink with him.   

…and this is why women’s cycling can’t have nice things:

…when cycling mags choose these kind of products as their favourite. Even my ten year old stepdaughter has moved on from the bikes with the streamers attached. 

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