Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tour de Couch TDU Scavenger Hunt

You'd normally post a photo like this during the TDU, why not win a prize!
Photo by Julie Davies

Welcome to the inaugural Tour de Couch #TDU Scavenger Hunt!

Play at the TDU:
  1. Post pic of a pro (can be either the mens teams or women at Santos Womens Cup) with hashtags #tduhunt #tdu #lastnameofpro
  2.  Post pic of a tweet up at the TDU – with you and tweep(s) – use twitter handle of tweep(s), post with #tdu #tduhunt #tweetup
  3.  Pic of or selfie with an official Hilton hotel TDU cocktail hastag: #tduhunt #tdu #hilton
  4.  Photo/selfie of a gelato or coffee at Cibo Espresso #tdu #tduhunt and @ciboespresso
  5. Photo/selfie of any exhibitor stand in the village/expo and use their twitter handle when posting (or hashtag if you don’t know it) #tdu #tduhunt #business name
  6. Photo of Drapac stencil  - like the one below - you see around and post with #drapactrue

Play at home, anywhere in the world:
  1.  Post a quick vid of you or a mate/family member pretending to commentate #tdu #tduhunt #notsherliggett
  2. During a stage (live or highlights), post a pic of your snacks and/or beverages with your couch or chair in it #tdu #tduhunt #tdusnacks 
  3. Post a pic, image, vid or a saying that sums up cycling for you (doesn’t have to be your own original) #tdu #tduhunt #cycling
  4. Adopt a Drapac Professional Cycling rider in the race to cheer on and tell us in a tweet, on my Facebook page, why #tdu #tduhunt #drapactrue
    • The TDU team includes: Jonathan Cantwell, Thomas Palmer, Travis Meyer, William Clarke, Bernard Sulzberger, Wesley Sulzberger and Darren Lapthorne  For more info on Drapac, stay tuned their website goes live soon
Pics and vids can be posted on Twitter, Instagram, Vine or on the Tour de Couch Facebook page 

Entries close final stage of the TDU, drawn Monday, 27th January 2014. 

The first complete and correct entry drawn for those playing at the TDU wins $100 gift voucher to online cycling store of your choice, $50 for first complete and correct entry playing at home.If you’re not a rider yourself and you win, we can talk).

As it’s the first one, and I as usual had a last minute idea so couldn't source sponsors prizes, it’s not too long or hard. However, expect bigger and better in the years to come and will include Willunga hill and more clues around Adelaide and perhaps even an easy strava challenge or geocaching.

If you’re reading this and you do have some merchandise or other sponsorship to throw my way for this year’s hunt, contact me on or via DM on twitter @tourdecouch – we could also talk about next year’s comp. As you can see, it has a huge potential for hashtagging your business name or slogan and to create a buzz. 

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