Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That's So Couch - The Silly Season - start as you mean to go on

That time of year folks – the part of the pre season that’s even sillier than the silly season – the week or so before the Tour Down Under.

So of course, the UCI will soon release details of its Independent Commission 

Insiders say the final report is already done:  
Which, funnily enough, is a lot like OGE and CA’s response to the VanceReport

French housewives and house husbands – sorry but it’s over. Tommy Voeckler may not be flashing the tongue so much this season. Cyclingnews says it’s a collarbone plate, but France and the UCI don’t want a riot. The truth? It is mechanical equipment removed from his tongue and has moved his tongue all these seasons. 

Voeckler says he now wants to take his cycling career seriously and has no time for theatrics, and as the mechanism was so unreliable - it would move without his control – e.g. every time the TV camera was on him - it was time to remove it. 

Twitterati mood swing of the week:  Previously – boo hiss, Oleg Tinkov sucks and is nasty. Today, save his twitter handle from this

Looks like the cycling and other world are all in a tither about this sky cycle way thingie
I’m a cyclist, I love being down here, all the best shit is down here, I don’t want to be up there.  Cars are supposed to be in the air by now anyway.   
Can you imagine it though? Motorists would hate us for having our own freeways we paid for with our income taxes; hipster commuter types and Beach Road, St Kilda cyclists would have no red lights to run through; pedestrians would turn their angst to people with prams, wheelchairs and the elderly on motorised scooters; and humans would hate us for blocking their views.
AND Foster has ignored the most important issue - how would strava KOMs work?
Expect more bad ass from Andy Schleck this year if his simple Christmas message was anything to go by (and he's so street he didn't put the f word between Merry and Christmas). 

Second, Third, Eight, 156th, no more. 


Trek acquired a new company and a ready made slogan for Fabian Cancellara’s classics season

We’ve seen some pretty good 2014 kit so far, some are classicish

some are clever for the overhead shots

and some are meh – they’re alright but...
But none are really spew worthy. Coz I mean, this is a joke yeah?
Surely, Froomey and Coundy were just bored one day, watching Cher videos and immersing themselves in local kulcha by watching Little Britain?

If not, perhaps it's just Rapha trying to save on manufacturing costs and passing it off as technologically advanced. That way they can charge MAMILs $500 for a g string.

The rapha G string, not made from a yak. Whatever the story is, hope they’re ready for the skin cancer law suits.

Gotta love this sport!  

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