Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Citizens on Protrol - 21014 Belgian Cyclocross National Championships

It's been one hot cycling summer down here what with all the crits, the New Zealand and Australian Road Racing National Championships and of course the Tour Down Under. But there's still more than warm cycling going on in the colder parts of the world. 

To get you in the mood for the World Cyclocross Championships in Hoogerheide,Netherlands this weekend, I've posted Catherine's (or @Meowclank) quick bird's eye view from the Belgium Cyclocross National Championships held 12 January 2014 in Waragem. 

The Nationals themselves are pretty big in Belgium. About 20,000 were there in person to cheer on Sven Nys and Sanne Cant to their victories. According to Brad Sohner, 20,000 litres of beer were sold on site and the action attracted a 1.2m Flemish TV audience and audience, 

Laatste Ronde!!

The train was packed on the way to Waragem and Catherine finally made it to the start of the women's race:
(Words and photos below: Catherine @meowclank)

Thinking Sanne Cant might win this

My new friends are knocking back shots of cactus juice

Sven having a practice

One of several beer tents here

We're ready.

We got the band in wigs and heaps of mud

Silly me not bringing a shot glass to the race! (Catherine uttered, no pic)

Name the cyclist CX style 

Showing the way

He's a bit good this Sven Nys

My new friends?! Patrick and the tall bloke. Called Nys and Peeters for today. They are calling LvDH for the worlds.

Catherine is based in Belgium to live and work and chase pro wheels. 

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