Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Citizens on Protrol - The 100th Dance Around France

For the 100th dance around France; many journeyed.



the press,

mechanics, DSs, staff, managers, cars....and buses

and, um....

and um....

In 2013, it started here:

But every trip finishes here: at the best vantage point to seek out and yearn for famous and favourite cyclists. Our "Batmen" riders, mortal superheroes. 

We try to get the shot. We think of questions - if only we could ask, if only they could answer:





Oi! And you!

What IS on your stem? 

Can we believe?

Will you sign MY breasts?

Do you still squeal “weeeee” inside when you hop on your bike, just like me?

Can I take you home to meet my mum? 

 And you Tone

And you Chav

And you G?

But not you Tonguey Voeckler! By the way...

....why all the drama?

Will you get your form back?

Will you guys, (Kittel is so classy looking, he deserves two photos) beat this guy:

Go on, gis a smile

Whatever the vantage point, it is amazing to see just how big, weird and wonderful this event truly is.

But in the end, what captures our imagination the racing

Pics: Julie Davies (@MelbourneJulie). 

Words: tourdecouch

Thank you so much Julie for kindly letting me use your photos.  

Citizens on Protrol is a new section here on the blog. A play on the Police Academy movie title, it aims to capture the fan's perspective of pro cycling events around the world. All disciplines welcome. 

Feel free to email me any pics, videos, and/or words you think sums up your experience at 

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