Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Citizens on Pro-trol - #roadnats

“Cadel’s Pain Face – Last Lap, What a Legend.” © @suze_harris

TDC: As an armchair and Twitter spectator following the outstanding 2014 Australian National Road Cycling Championships, this shot above from a COP* sums it up best for me.
For this could've easily been a picture of anyone out there this week. Be it Alan Iacoune, Bridie O'Donnell, Caleb Ewan, Nick Squillari, Simon Gerrans, Josh Taylor, Felicity Laidlaw, Sarah Roy, Miles Scotson, or Gracie Elvin.
Odds for, or stacked against you, riding for the green and gold bands, leaving it all out on the road.
True grit.

"Go Bridie O'Donnell" © @GoveCycles 

The Womens' race gets underway © @jason_lyle

"Maclean grabs a bidon trying to bridge to Jacobs"  © @jason_lyle

Jacobs heading up Midland Highway, working hard solo in the lead © @jason_lyle

"Defending champ Gracie Elvin opening up a gap on Jacobs" © @jason_lyle

Cadel was obviously popular among fans:
"Cadel nestled away in the peloton up the climb  © @jason_lyle

"Cadel keeping a close eye on Porte"  © @jason_lyle

"The best was seeing my favourite, Cadel!" © @Andrea Newson
"Cadel's arm!" © @mrcyclingworld

"Hey, I know him"  © @Andrea Newson
But who is this guy? © @lycra_loony
And which Macka are they talking about © @lycra_loony
Here's what the crowd sounded like when the riders went past © @lycra_loony

Only one guy could own this car - @davidOLLE © @lycra_loony

"Adam Hansen, nice ride mate!" © @Jason_Lyle
"Avanti leads the peloton up the KOM" © @Jason_Lyle
"And then came Froome's mate"  © @Andrea Newson
Eventual winner Gerro relaxing in the bunch © @lycra_loony

While these videos are never going to be up there with Cycling Central or Sky coverage, they still give you a sense of just how loud the ending and the champers opening was.

I'll leave you with some last pics of Jason's

"Mt Buninyong climb all to myself tonight! Calm before the weekend." © @Jason_Lyle
Thanks Jason Lyle, Suze Harris, Gove Cycles, Andrea Newson, Mark Beaconsfield, and Mr Cycling World for letting TDC use your pics and vids!

*COP: Citizen on Pro-trol

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