Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cycling IS eating itself?

This week, I learnt about personal responsibility from the cycling world. As in, there isn't much.

It wasn't like the NYT piece was saying cars get away with killing cyclists, meanwhile, in no correlation whatsoever to the killings, it still wouldn't hurt to pull in our heads a bit and personally be responsible for how we behave on the roads. That's not what he was saying at all. 

He instead argued for compromise and common sense and therefore, this precludes him from any sort of cycling advocacy. 

When I'm midtown, I don't stop at lights, coz fuck it, I'd rather the two-ton 350 horsepower pass me at speed as opposed to just pulling out at the lights. 

Nah, fuck that. Let’s pretend that we’re not road users because we don't have metal around us. Let’s ignore the road rules. Let’s not care how running a red light and being maimed or killed as result of that will affect a driver for the rest of their lives. 

I mean, that’s their fucking fault for driving a fucking car on the same road I’m cycling on. I should be able to ride with my earphones on and without one of my senses, I'm not a car, and as long as I get to where I’m going safely…who gives a fuck about how I behave personally right? 

Just like Lance. "I want six months like the rest of them – it was everyone else’s fault coz they were all doing it." 

Seriously, just go away, run your own non endorsed grand fondos. You say everyone was doing it..who was?  Tell us! Dump on Weisel and Unky Johan and key people in USA Cycling and the UCI then we’ll talk about bringing you back to competitive triathlons hon. 

And Cycling Australia concludes our round up. With recent shit storms, rather than avoid a whiff of impropriety, let's run into the fire and appoint Gerry Ryan, owner of GreenEDGE, financial contributor to cycling at the AIS, etc etc etc, as President. No conflict of interest to see here.  

The man has done so much for cycling in Australia – an amazing amount. But I envisage much damage to that reputation because of some future shit hitting the caravan fan that won't personally be his fault, but will be because, you know, that's how presidencies work. 

And still there is silence on the Vance Report and Stevo's past, support for Stuey and Weening, and not to mention CA's finances. 

Silence not just from CA, but there doesn't seem to be too much questioning from Australian cycling journos. Are they all too close too? 

I grimaced a little when I heard of SBS' relationship with CA as part of its (at the time) new commercialisation project in the sense I wondered how much questioning of CA would it be really be able to do. Its current silence on financial issues around televising events is of course for legal reasons, but does it in itself speak volumes?

Oh well, time will tell.