Wednesday, October 16, 2013


“Clearly that was one of the reasons that those who supported Brian Cookson [at the recent UCI presidential elections] did so: it’s because that what the UCI had failed to do in the last 12 months of the old regime was two or three things, really. They hadn’t addressed the allegations thrown against the UCI; they hadn’t addressed the imbalance people had with the government structure of the UCI; and they hadn’t been able to draw the line in the sand about cycling’s dark past. 
“It meant that an Erik Zabel or Stuart O’Grady would just keep popping up at regular intervals and not necessarily doing any more damage, as I said at the time, but just retarding the capacity for the sport to move ahead again. 
“That, sadly, was when we were looking for some international leadership and didn’t get it.”
Outgoing CEO, Cycling Australia, Graham Fredericks, interview with RIDE

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