Tuesday, October 15, 2013

People scared about "cyclists" scare the crap out of me

From a sense of entitlement Corinne Grant makes a comment about people with a sense of entitlement.  So with a sense of entitlement, see my rant below.

While, yes, she makes a good point in terms of cyclists needing to behave better and blah blah but again, she, despite her protests on Twitter (and especially the person responsible for the lead on the home page), does tar cyclists with one brush. 


Look closer and you'll see she uses language that groups us.  Look even closer, and you see she is not defending those of us who do ride correctly. There is nothing in her post that says this.

She goes off like Bolt with anecdote and rhetoric.

So again, with a sense of entitlement, here’s my own anecdote. I walk roughly ten minutes each morning and night through Redfern to get to work and back to the train station. It’s a ridiculously popular shared path area. It’s beautiful to see so many people walking and cycling to work.  Each time, I see two cyclists do the wrong thing by coming a bit too close to a pedestrian or riding a little too fast. But also each time, I see about 15-20 cyclists riding correctly for the conditions, being polite and courteous to pedestrians. 

But it's just so fucking boring. All boring, hatred and no solution.  

There’s more shit happening in the world and even in regards to cycling and public transport and that’s what she focuses on – cyclists doing the wrong thing.

Big fucking deal. 

Don’t want to cover something heavy in your regular column? What about the irrelevance and the ridiculousness of the HSC (which I did see someone in the SMH sort of cover today).

Because we need big thinkers to solve these problems above and which Corinne rightly touches on. Maybe our education system is failing us. 

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