Thursday, July 4, 2013

@tdf133 Stage 5

Apparently @brassyn had already bagsied no vowels for Cav's first win straight after the launch of Cav's no vowel brand "fst as fck?" (yes, the as has a vowel, but ssshhh noone tell his branding company) Well, she was too late off the blocks for it which she acknowledged with this tweet:

"I've gone a bit Andre Greipel on this one today, not quite fast enough."

But overall stage winner today is:

Kng flckd; 
D Gndt pwrs brk; 
Tny Mrtn hmmrs; 
hdbngrs cght; 
#Cvndsh blsts thrgh jmbld bnch, 
rstrs prdctblty, 
cptrs #tdf stg 5

But they're all awfully good guys....why did I start this comp..I love yous all!!! And @cyclismaseditor goes
and sponsors the comp with a jersey so she can't win anything. Check out her entries under the competition hashtag. 

Other closies:

A taste of Marseille... 11min break. 
The win cannot take. 
As Bouillabaisse fish. 
Speeds up Cavendish. #appetite 

After struggling in four stages, 
Chvnl lead the chase for Cvndsh. 
The Brit slayed them all with his aero dagger.

Nearly there guys for your stage win - it will happen!

Special mention goes to Velonation's own @ssbike who was pretty much first off the blocks with the no vowel thing:

Sprntng qckst, Cvndsh wns stg fve n Mrsll nd tks 24th Tr d Frnc stg

Thanks for the entry!!

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