Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#tdf133 Stage 4

The winner of the overall stage is again also the winner of the Oz Cup (Best Aussie Tweeter each stage). No I'm not lazy, it just tickled my fancy in more ways than one.

GreenEdge go from red faces to yellow jersey! 
Torture for Ted & Thomas. 
Lotto not lucky. Garmin not sharp. 
Sky had a marginal loss.

But these all tickled my fancy in one way or another:

OGE stun the world
but not themselves
to steal Nice TT Trial
off boys in Argyle
A Victorious Victorian
Glows in Yellow

Nice was full of Yorkshire. Cragg Vale Corner did embolden.
But today its Orica Yellow Edge. As Gerrans proves he's golden

Hors delais?/Who's to say?/le Tour gets fucked-er, day-by-day/Let 'em play. #reinstaTed

Orica Greenedge killed the favorites. 
Meanwhile, the jury may have killed King and hurt themselves

Tony Martin and Geraint Thomas going fast in moto,
never GiveUp their motto.
Seems like Orica change bus by a Nice train.

GreenEdge makes news with its train instead of its bus, 
while HDing Ted King causes an internet fuss

I ran out of time to get the Oz ones to Bridie today.

Don't know what the #tdf133 is about? More details here

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