Monday, July 1, 2013

#tdf133 Stage 2 and Oz Tweeter Prizes for Stage 1 and 2

The winner is:

No bus required: today's finish line jammed to the gantry with Bakelant's joy & the fans' delight

Narrowly beating:
You wait all day for a bus then two Leopards trek up. Phil n Paul cheer Irizar to victory by er oops Bakelants

Stage 2 produced too many honourable mentions to mention....look at the #tdf133 hashtag for more tasty morsels.

This one I will mention coz Lesli Cohen aka @cyclismaseditor from sponsor Cyclismas, a winner of a prize in this comp's early years, is still competing for the fun of it and like other years, she's killing it. I mention it for the poetry, man:

As the bunch breathed down to bust Bakelant's break, confusion reigned and the media showed how a Leopard can change his spots

I'd also like to mention @edgariglesias for a follow because English is his second language and he's coming up with some witty ones too.

Best Oz Tweeters

Stage 1 
The boat flew. The bus? Not. The mediterrenean shags regardless

Stage 2
When Froome did Zoom, The Gods did Swoon, The Ajaccio 9 dig in hard, And Belgie Jan sing the Bards, Now on the morrow Jens rides 4 Jaune. 

Stage 3 tonight - no flat sections, gotta be good for material.  Get tweeting everyone!!

Don't know what #tdf133 is about? Find out here.

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