Monday, July 15, 2013

#tdf133 Stage 15 Results

Well, looks like some of you have been sleeping on a volcano in the #tdf133 off season, working your butts off* coz you're nailing this comp.

Which makes it a hard job picking a winner for that one! But without further ado:
Podium getters

Oz Cup Winner for the daily Mr Cycling World Prize is:
Runner Up

New to the site and don't know what the #TDF133 is? Click here?

And don't forget to check out the #tdf133 sponsors:

Online cycling gear and accessories retailer Mr Cycling World, offering a daily prize for the best Oz tweeter each day.

Photographer Balint Hamvas has chipped in three of his books!! Check out a review of his 2012/13 Cyclocross book here and order yourself one here.

Bicycling Australia Magazine have kindly contributed a 12 month subscription.

The boys at the Velocast - pro cycling podcasting at if not its best, its most Scottish - are kicking in access to their premium shows for the rest of 2013. 


Cyclismas are kicking in a jersey - check it out on a bike on their site here . They also may be offering some other swag but more details later
(*scroll down to Froome's last comment in Transcript) 

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