Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reading On the Couch

Paige Patterson and Kaarle McCulloch went to Japan to Race Keirin and All We Got was the Shane Perkins Video

...but Paige posted all these videos to YouTube about their experiences. Great stuff.

Ex Australian Defence Force Chief Rode and Rides a Bike

With the hot water the Australian Defence Force again finds itself in because of some bored sexual deviants, it's good to read stuff like this. 

Power of Cheering - Vattenfall 

A tweep commented about no apps for cowbells. I didn't believe it and found quite a few. This is the best of a pretty bad bunch. But it's one you can shake like a cowbell. And you can compete with friends. The power in the title means just that - it measures your power as you shake. It's meant to be for skiing, but go nuts.

Cycling’s Top Ten Influencers of the Past 25 Years — Good, Bad and Ugly

Interesting read over at Paved Mag.  Part 1 and 2.

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