Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stage 1 - TDF133

While riders, race organisation and team buses were in chaos yesterday, entrants were all in top form and I was impressed with the first day of entries. Too many to mention you all, but all I can say is I'm excited already by this competition!!!

The winner of Stage 1 had his tweet retweeted 56 times! So without further ado, the winner is: 

BREAKING: reports show Orice GreenEdge bus was thrown off finish line by pissed off Bernard Hinault 

These three came a very very close tied second: 

The boat flew. The bus? Not. The mediterrenean shags regardless

Hey, you can't park here. No this is crazy. Here's race radio's number, move the finish line maybe

@TeamSky's bus is known as the Death Star. From now on, @Orica_greenedge's
is "The Van Down Under." 

If you didn't get mentioned here, don't wear a frown - just keep em coming!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Win a Rapha* Voucher to celebrate the start of #tdf133

To win a $100/£50/€75 Rapha* Voucher, do the following:   
  • RT the competition tweet
  • Answer the following questions either by reply tweet or email
    • How much does a 12 month Bicycling Magazine Australia digital subscription cost in AUD. Clue here.
    • What is the title of Balint Hamvas' book on the latest cyclocross season. Clue here
Prize winner announced hour before the Tour live TV broadcasts start in your nation. First correct entry drawn wins.

*Please note, Rapha in no way endorse or are sponsoring this competition.

Fridays on the Couch

Well it's that time again - Tour de France. I'm as excited as Voeckler when he realises the camera is on him. I can't concentrate, work is just not getting me going. If you're feeling the same, warm your cogs with a few good reads etc.

THE Best Tour de France Analysis in the one place
Nic O'Donnell writes his TDF analysis every year as well as for the Classics and the Tour Down Under. I think this has to be up there with one of his best because it seems he's not missed anyone. He's covered all the chancers and strong riders, even if they don't get their own heading - e.g. Quintana over Valverde. Imbibe here

Tour de Lounge - not just a great name
I couldn't help but be inspired reading about Lyle Swann. That he's taking part for charity challenge Tour de Lounge is even more inspiring. My favourite quote from Lyle's wife "He'll never stop riding, he's either going to die on his bike or in the garden, he certainly won't die in bed."

Yuki Arashiro
It's an oldie but a goodie - a quick little quirky read from @cyclingiq. Yuki lines up again for TDF 2013.

The injured life of a pro cyclist
This is so not TDF related but this is an insightful little read into cyclists and injuries. But that it's about champion rider Ina Yoko Teutenberg is even more insightful. Hope she recovers fast. Sounds horrible - cycling makes her sick :(

I'm sure to find some more good vids and other reads as the Tour unfolds.

Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 #TDF133

UPDATE: new sponsor on board, online cycling gear and accessories retailer Mr Cycling World, offering a daily prize for the best Oz tweeter each day.

UPDATE:  Excited to announce Bridie O'Donnell as a guest judge for #tdf133!! When the tweets are too good for me to choose, it'll be over to Bridie for adjudication - in between her cycling, doctoring, and new TDF TV Show. 

It's back! THE Tour de France Twitter Poetry Competition.

In 133 characters or less (140 characters minus the #tdf133 hashtag), sum up the stage you just watched with all the creativity you can muster in a single tweet, use the hashtag and you've entered. I choose a winner for each stage right up to the cobbles on the Champs-Elysees. All stage winners are finalists and then it's over to the cycling twitterarti to vote for the prize winners. Voters win a prize too.

Rather than make it too difficult for you all to remember time zones and such - just think, you have about 12 hours from after the stage finishes you just watched live. If you didn't watch it live, you probably have half that time.

To check out last year's finalists and winners to get in the mood and get some ideas, click here.

I'm excited to announce the following prizes. More prize details to come.

Photographer Balint Hamvas has chipped in three of his books!! Check out a review of his 2012/13 Cyclocross book here and order yourself one here.

Bicycling Australia Magazine have kindly contributed a 12 month subscription.

The boys at the Velocast - pro cycling podcasting at if not its best, its most Scottish - are kicking in access to their premium shows for the rest of 2013. 


Cyclismas are kicking in a jersey - check it out on a bike on their site here . They also may be offering some other swag but more details later. 

Delayed Giro

Tweep CJ or as most know her by her Twitter sobriquet @sitdowninfront went to the Giro for stage 9 from Sanselpolcro to Florence. She commented "The Italians do a GT like no other. They adore their Giro!"

Here's some of her superb pics.

G’day Taylor! #sansepolcro #stagenine
"G'day Taylor"

He smiled & said “thanks” when he heard the girl with the Aussie accent, “have a good one today Cadel” #sansepolcro  He smiled & said “thanks” when he heard the girl with the Aussie accent, “have a good one today Cadel”

@BMCProTeam Is that a new team car? #sansepolcro
"Is that a new car BMC"

Bianchi #bikepr0n. #sansepolcro #giro #stagenine

Halfway through her twitter posting, this from CJ

"Damn. talking,tweeting & posting pics with a beer. Something will go wrong!"


Repimp: why if that isn’t Mr @rupertguinness in a smart Mambo? Chatting with the dapper @taylorphinney & @maxsciandri

why if that isn’t Mr in a smart Mambo? Chatting with the dapper &

just to prove I didn’t just go snap happy at the BMC bus. Blanco boys in warm-up mode for Firenze. #sansepolcro

"Just to prove I didn't just go snap happy at the BMC bus."

While chaos reigned all around with the Giro Circus. He sat quietly,chillin’ #sansepolcro

"While chaos reigned all around with the Giro Circus. He sat quietly,chillin’"

Ready for duty. @BMCProTeam’s machines at the ready. #bikepr0n #sansepolcro #giro
"Ready for duty. BMC machines at the ready"

Ready for duty. @BMCProTeam’s machines at the ready. #bikepr0n #sansepolcro #giro

"They looked sweeter in the flesh"

"The Saxo Tinkie's bikepron don't look half bad either"

"Perks of the job no doubt."

"Think he was feeling a little left out of the party."

Even our B&B was pink. But I think it was that colour long before the Giro came to town. #sansepolcro #giro
"Even our B&B was pink"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reading On the Couch

Paige Patterson and Kaarle McCulloch went to Japan to Race Keirin and All We Got was the Shane Perkins Video

...but Paige posted all these videos to YouTube about their experiences. Great stuff.

Ex Australian Defence Force Chief Rode and Rides a Bike

With the hot water the Australian Defence Force again finds itself in because of some bored sexual deviants, it's good to read stuff like this. 

Power of Cheering - Vattenfall 

A tweep commented about no apps for cowbells. I didn't believe it and found quite a few. This is the best of a pretty bad bunch. But it's one you can shake like a cowbell. And you can compete with friends. The power in the title means just that - it measures your power as you shake. It's meant to be for skiing, but go nuts.

Cycling’s Top Ten Influencers of the Past 25 Years — Good, Bad and Ugly

Interesting read over at Paved Mag.  Part 1 and 2.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

That's So Couch - Noms de Plume Anonymous

Juan Pelota (JP):  Hi and welcome to today’s meeting of Noms de Plume Anonymous, I’m Juan Pelota. Let me start. I haven’t used a Nom de Plume since 2006...oh who am I kidding, 14 May 2013. With Festina Girl’s and Oprah’s help, I saw a future helping out others because of my past. So who’s first.

JV: I’m Jonathan Vaughters. David Millar dragged me here.  I don’t use a nom de plume.

JP: Yeah, but you may as well - you start shit on forums and twitter as yourself and there’s no consequence....they still love you...I mean look how this got missed by the screaming twitterarti – you outed Jens.....and...nothing.

Cobra Ricco:..who people think is god coz he talks cute but they don’t doubt even though he’s as old as Juan, East German, and still killing people like Stuart O’ Grady - nobody suspect. I’m sellin some old blood bags, who’s buying...not me with that shit.

Digger Forum: Yeah, fuck, imagine if I  tweeted that. I’d be the worst bone idle wanker in the world.

Nibali: JV doesn’t use a nom de plume? Who is Daniel Benson then?

JP: Robert Milllar.  OK next.

Di Luca: My name is Di Luca – I doped on the second floor. I just came to keep teamie Mauro Santambrogio company. I didn’t think I had a nom de plume until I’ve been sitting here listening, I think The Killer came out of me soon as I started the Giro.  

Santambrogio: everyone at BMC believe in me, call me Santa...

Nibali: He is Santa but The Shark  gave him the present *chuckles*

David Millar: That’s funny Nibbles. I love you. David Millar here – The Messiah is my nom de plume. Greipel, Kittel, anyone from IT4i and Lotto, Australian riders at Garmin, we all try to use it...but I’m the one who has written a book....I’m the only one who shivered in that cell...

Jamie Fuller: But I’m the Messiah

JP:  No, you’re just a very haughty corporate boy. Next.

Aaron Brown: Hi, I’m Aaron Brown. I’ve been nom de plume free since Bhon Mat - or however you spell his name - ran off with all of Kimmage’s money. 

JV: It wasn’t Ripp Finkleman?

Aaron Brown: No, Ripp Finkleman took Cycletard’s money and ran off with my wife

JP: Come on Aaron – you sure that’s how it went down chimera from another mother? The truth will set you free. I’d know.

AB: Yes. Being Uci Overlord was bad enough. I had to do actual work and look on as my wife ran our cafe. I confess,  I wrote  job applications with my nom de  plume. But I started to unravel after Velocast got the CCN gig  - BUT I PUT THEM ALL IN TOUCH WITH EACH OTHER....I WANTED TO BE NEAR GREG LEMOND. I USED TO RACE IN THE EIGHTIESSSSSS!!!!

JP: Next

Felix Lowe: Well, as Blazing Saddles, I wrote  a piece for Cyclismas I'm not entirely proud of, having a go at The Secret Pro. I knew it was hypocritical at the time..but I had a deadline. Freelancer’s gotta eat.

Paul Kimmage: Tell me about it....I’m a great fookin’ writer, and still couldn’t use me noggin well enough to not freak out about how I was going to eat and stuff. They’ve got me in a shitting caravan  for this year’s Tour, for fooks sake.

JP: Great to see you here Paul but other than cancer, I didn’t know you really had a nom de plume.

PK: I don’t, I teach writing and shit here at this community college on Wednesday nights, tonight I’m teaching on irony. I just came to the wrong room.

JP: Speaking of the Secret Pro Why isn’t the Secret Pro in here

JV – Isn’t he?

Michelle Cound: Hi, I’m Michelle Cound. Apologies for being late.

JP: Taint nothing.  why are you in here – do you have a nom de plume. Is it...Hottie?  (Aside, yo JV where’s that rufie?)

(Aside, JV: I don’t want to get throat cancer from romancing YOUR  stones. Oh you mean her...)

MC: Smooth Juan. No, I’m actually Froome Dog.

Wiggo: No you’re not, I am.