Thursday, May 9, 2013

Le Strade Bianche, Narellan

There's a reserve not far from my house which I started to get stuck into a little while ago when I finally discovered the trail by accident. Local Strava MTB'ers know the "summit" of the entire route as the Turkey's Nest which offers a 360 degree vista out over the over developed surrounding area, but also out towards Razorback.

When I discovered it the first time walking, I was stoked I finally found a place where I could get "above" everything and out of the...well, the Narellanness of the area. I saw this and thought of the white gravel roads in Italy and while I realised it is nothing like those....well, I kinda don't care.

After I walked and ran around the trail, I put the call out on Facebook to local friends if they had any MTBs they could lend me to get stuck in on two wheels. My neighbours who rock generously lent me (or rather, gave me) a MTB gathering dust out in their shed. It's not much but it gets me to here so I bloody don't care. You might not think here is much, but it's a trail, it's not houses and it's not traffic.

I've started it back up again after a bit of a hiatus the last 2 or so months with a view to be a bit more regular.  There's a whole other side I haven't explored by MTB properly yet too.

Getting up this is pretty hard for me at the moment

Urban meets...nature

It's not the right size for me (too small) and it's nothing much at all, but it is everything to me right now. It was when my neighbours gave it to me and it still is