Friday, January 18, 2013

That's so Couch - the Doprahfication of Cycling


Oprahfication: a Wall Street Journal coined term meaning "public confession as a form of therapy"

Doprah: a pithy hashtag coined by @iworedettos (I think)

Dope: can also mean stupid

Oprahfication pervades other areas of society and was always going to hit cycling. In fact it has already. First David Millar (anti doping team, book) Landis (with Kimmage?), then Tyler (60 minutes, book), and Jonathan Vaughters (Twitter).

As Lance can always be counted on to be the best at everything, including delicious irony, it came as no surprise he's gone for some rapport talk with the source herself.

It also came as no surprise to many others including the co-host of CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose who along with Oprah's BFF, Gayle King and some other lady, interviewed Oprah post Lance interview. Rose said he emailed Lance himself to try and get THE interview but from his body language you knew he knew he'd got pwned. Barbara Walters said to Gayle King on The View (aired here yesterday - yep, Gayle was doing the hard yards for Oprah!) she also tried to get Lance adding "I don't think anyone didn't try to get THAT interview." Even though her face can only now express one emotion, you knew she knew Oprah is the best.

Before the cycling press opted to cover LAOprah ad nauseum for click/klout bait purposes, indignation came. Their sense of entitlement was expressed in social media posts going something like this "What, he should be facing us, he owes us." Some of these reactions came from journos who only in 2011 were fawning over and laughing with Lance in the back of a van at the Tour Down Under while Cameron Meyer was pushed off the stage by the SA Premier.

It takes a village filled with good and bad journalists, anti doping crusaders and a peloton of lancestruck riders to make a sport about one person and make that one person bigger than their sport. It should be no surprise then when that one person continues to be bigger than your sport and stage manages a confession with probably no apologies to the people who really count. Oh and Cav, I would've reacted the same way as you the other day when journalists kept asking you about Lance after you were polite a few times but you weren't 10 when you rode in the same peloton as him.


Phil's Tatt

This description from @brassyn seems apt "Is PhilGil serious about that tattoo? I'm hoping baby AGil just got creative with his felt pens."


Nothing to say about this really. But it sucks some men can roll out of bed and still look pretty damn good.


Cav's outfit for some reason makes me think of this  (hat tip, @bethanykeats)

Kit - GreenEdge vs Sky

No, I don't mean which one looks better but who supplies their riders better.

Here's the kit supply Michael Matthews recently received tweeting just before it he was pumped to get all his kit.

And here's Ben Swift's.

Tweets - Lost in Translation

Australian BMX'er Sam Willoughby tells us what he gets up to in his spare time.

And with that, goodbye - enjoy LAOprah coming up in 5,4,3,2.....



  1. Mike Rann has a lot to answer for, let alone Lance.

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