Monday, January 7, 2013

That's so Couch - Passing the Time

Money's tight here at at the House of Couch and we can't afford a calendar. Rather than rely on the Mayans, I've decided to instead rely on pro cycling.

I know it's December/January because the following has happened:

The cycling media need to mention Lance to feel relevant again Lance needs to feel relevant again. Noticing on his own calendar it is January, he hasn't raced for awhile and the city of Adelaide has changed the locks, this story appeared about a possible Lance confession. Weighing an admission? So in other words, he's just debating whether he will have a press conference about his doping and the fact he did dope is therefore not in question?  Of course any confession will no doubt mention how everyone was doing it, he just leveled the playing field. But you can imagine something like this will be playing in his head.

Lance's confession of course also provoked this sort of reaction from some in Twitterville:

"Just tweeting this & other tweets to let u kno how much I don't care about LA confession,", of course followed by the hashtag #lanceconfession to deprive yet more oxygen from the Lance issue.

Fans with Typewriters in other sports, just journos obsessed with doping when reporting cycling, need to feel relevant again/one has a new hurried book to shift....Anti Doping Crusader Paul Kimmage raises suspicions about Sky. David Walsh says Sky's fine. Somewhere in between lies the truth, especially about Mick Rogers. In  this video of his and Nicholas Roche's visit to Saxo Tinkoff he explains his reasoning for leaving Sky. (Anyone notice Nicholas looks as in pain as he does when he tries to top 10 in a grand tour when they explain financial-y stuff and things). But one day, someone will find out how Wiggins really won last year's Tour. I watched the race, so I can easily start to believe this theory:

Is Wiggins part robot?

French Teams Discover Social Media - Riders Get Bored and Make Videos

Cycling "Photographers" get bored and "write" blog posts defending meal tickets Lance
If you can get past the first paragraph, you deserve a Graham Watson 2013 calendar. Let's hope Graham remembers it's about the bike and other cyclists and doesn't extend his portfolio and include  stuff like this in his calendar, books, and websites. 

Sky tries to steer away from doping  Teams reveal new kit It's no Rapha Condor but the Sky Rapha kit is pretty hot. Although, why so shiny/rubbery looking? Is it to make it easier to wash down the Andes yak milk that ejaculates from bidons specially made from organic polymers of high molecular mass, because a MAMIL/MAFIL throws it around in excitement after achieving another Strava personal record? Probably.

Do I want it? Absolutely.

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