Friday, January 11, 2013

Fridays on the Couch

Here's a collection of some good reads, blogs, pictures or vids I've found this week on t'internet

Obituary of Wendy Law Suart 

"In 1946, at 19, she and her equally adventurous school friend, Shirley Duncan, 21, were dissuaded from travelling across war-ravaged Europe and instead opted to ride their Malvern Stars to Queensland." 

Read more about this adventurous pair and their battle to conquer the continent on their bikes here. I'd really love to get my hands on the book too. 

(Hat tip: @cyclingnirvana)

Jack Bobridge 

"Everyone's got to grow up at some point"
You may have already read this article but if not, it's a great insight into the lad and his 2012, which you could almost say was his annus horribilis. Even more surprising is his silent struggle. 

The Buffalo Soldiers who Rode Bikes 
The steep descent presented more danger; Moss and his men had to walk their bicycles, all the while digging in their heels, lest they lose their footing and plummet downslope. Surely, they must have breathed a collective sigh of relief once the Continental Divide was behind them. But more challenges lay ahead.
Read more here

Best of 2012 Aussie Women's Cycling

OK, so I saw this in December but I still wanted to include it. Russ Mullo has put together a brief video of the best 2012 Australian women's cycling moments. Check it out here.

Australian Institute of Sport women's road cycling program abolished due to funding cuts

Because this got buried by Oprah, I'm including this article. Wonder what the consequences will be. 

Cyclocross World Cup Round 7  - Rome. Women's Race

It's rare to see women's racing, so putting a link for that reason. 

David vs Goliath Battle for the Green(Edge) and Gold

"For the women's..and the men's race,it's pretty much a battle of everyone versus Orica-GreenEDGE...but when that team turns up with 16 riders at the national champs, well that's just bullshit! Like turning up to a fistfight with an AK47, they've got the numbers and the armoury to outgun all-comers." 
Loving Jono Lovelock's contributions over at The Roar, read the rest of this piece for even more gems.

Photo gallery of Burry Stander's career. 

Rest in Peace. 

Herald Sun Tour Photo Gallery

See all four days' galleries at Peloton Cafe


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