Sunday, July 22, 2012

#TDF133 Stages 16-19 Winners

Sorry I've been a bit slack with updates on the competition. It's almost finished, but there's still tonight's stage for you guys to tweet about. Updates and finalists (plus voting details) up tomorrow (Australia's tomorrow).

Stage 18 and 19 saw RodisBike come home strong with two stage wins.

Stage 19
RodIsBike8:11am via Mobile Web
Le TejayV a grand vitesse mais Cadel was in mild distress. Voila toutes cent cinquante trois. Enfin Wiggo est vraiment roi 

Stage 18

RodIsBikeJul 21, 9:09am via Mobile Web
Another fine dish from Sky. Hors d'oeuvres avec Vino, desserts sought by Farrar. Mais ici le plat chaud, Wiggo servi Cav-iar 

Stage 17

sansenmagJul 20, 8:10am via web
Green Bullet's bullseye and Bobblehead's bloodied handlebars decorate the mountain crime scene across the Sky of yellow and black. 

Stage 16

annedisney75Jul 19, 12:53am via HootSuite
Day of Spotty Tongue of Tommy. Froome out of nowhere a Leaky attack thwarted by Yellow Skyburns. Teejay Van NewBMCteamleaderen

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