Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#tdf133 Stages 13-15

Stage 15 Winner:

LeTourFranglais6:23am via TweetDeck
Le ditty de stage 15: Le rest day came un jour too soon / Le peloton ont nappé / Vande Velde! Un bon try / Fédrigo l’happé chappé

Stage 15 Honourable mentions:

RodIsBike9:15am via web
The riders at the start ran loose. As if upon immodium. But then the race was very dull. 'til Fedrigo took the Pau-dium 

Stage 15, a break can't stick, Sky hand signals won't do the trick. Then 6 guys get off the hook & the trip to Pau is a boring book.

Peleton: "are we there yet?" Viewers: zzzzzzzzzzzz 

Booooooooooring. That is all.

Stage 14 Winner:

joepabikeJul 16, 12:31pm via web
Tacks at top of Mur de Péguère = nail in the coffin of those hoping for action in #TdF12stage 14! 

Stage 14 Honourable Mentions:

CycleHermitJul 16, 11:56am via Twitter for iPhone
The reports of chivalry's death are greatly exaggerated. 

With climbs as sharp as the tacks on the road it was a climber who made one LuLu of a descent into Foix saying sayonara to Sagan.

Jul 16, 7:20am via web
Cadel & co under at-tack, unwritten rulebook found to lack. Rolland declares "je ne sais pas" as LL San owns the descent into Foix.

Ben_M_BerryJul 16, 4:56am via TweetDeck
With climbs as sharp as the tacks on the road it was a climber who made one LuLu of a descent into Foix saying sayonara to Sagan.

BW: "Oi, Rolland, get back here you uncouth wanker" Rolland: "it tacks one to know one"#tdf133

Le ditty: Showgirls! Dans les Pyrénées! / Froome says he’s frustré / Cadel puncture, Rolland attaque / Un wristslap pour Tejay

Limoux to Foix owattaday, the stage win a canny breakaway. For all the rest the stage fell flat w/punctures galore in a TackAttack.

Potential disaster averted by a forgiving Sky. Hire car in a hurry to be returned, followed by angry mob. Deflating stage all round #tdf133

Tour de France opens a new chapter in fiscal policy as authorities universally applaud tacks avoidance measures by riders #TDF133

BAD NEWS: Nontaxable team attacked by tacks left fans tachycardic today. GOOD NEWS: tactful tactic leaves GC intact.

Jul 16, 11:15am via Twitter for Android
#tdf133 LuisLe gets 1st Spanish victory with a great attack. Brave like a Lion ¡Bravo León! Cadel was lack of luck because the tacks.

Stage 13 Winner:

annedisney75Jul 15, 9:14am via HootSuite
Liberte: baby Spartacus free! Egalite: all are equally powerless against Greipel. Fraternite: yellow leadout for EBH Sky brother

Stage 13 Honourable Mentions:

cycletardJul 15, 2:05am via TweetDeck
Hat trick for Greipel, who schools Sagan in sprint as Germany and Belgium win lottery on Bastille Day, spoiling Slovak celebration.

Bastille Day! Les français/ wanted to be les vainqueurs/Mais Greipel took it sur la ligne/ Et no-one disait [insertez Wiggoese ici]

A glimpse of Olympic Gold gulps up LuLu's late salvo; and "The Godfather" André grabs victory by the length of a gorilla's arms

#tdf133 Brave breakaway brought back by bunch. Evans explodes excitingly. Sky steady. Greipel gritty & gleeful. Wiggins waits warily.

That is no guerilla gorilla attacking the peloton; that is Greipel treading over stage winning dreams from Morkov to Sagan.

Britain's Got Talent. Maillot Jaune multi-tasks as lead out man, but the Peter André twins top the chart today. André 1 Peter 2 

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  1. I'm tickled-pink (or should that be Yellow?!) to have won for stage 14. Thanks! It would've been a disappointing Tour not to have taken a stage, but now the boys and I can follow the peloton into Paris knowing we left our (skid)mark on the race! ;) cheers ...