Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#tdf133 Stage 2



8:16am via Twitter for iPhone
Cav plays Lotto on the Edge: trainswapping his way past the Gorilla.

Almost Won

5:44am via TweetDeck
Le ditty du stage 2! Ahem. Un stage pour les sprinters/ Kittel ├ętait sick/ Presque Goss, presque Greipel/ Mais Cav est trop quick

4:48am via TweetDeck
Flat-stage fever fueled a Lotto train to deliver an angry Gorilla into the station at Tournai, only to have the banana slip his grip 

sister_ratched9:11am via web
Look out, trains a comin', clickety clack, toot toot!! Cav pips Gossy, Sagan's green with envy and Gorilla's in the mist. 

Cav surfed, Greipel was Turfed. Goss was third, Sagan kept caged 

CycleHermit4:55am via Twitter for iPhone
Dear HTC Boys, Thanks for the reunion! Let's do it again soon. Hugs, Cav 

Stomach butterflies delay Marcel so only Gorilla and Gossie gripe over sprint trains not strangling leadout-less Manxman on loose.

9:19am via TweetDeck
The Pocket Rocket makes a collect call to the HTC train to collect his first stage win of 2012 tour. 

broomwagonblog8:49am via web
Marcelle Shittel will hopefully not let any hot brown oil spill into his white lycra tomorrow.

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