Monday, July 2, 2012

#tdf133 Prologue and Stage 1

Stage 1 Winner

You all brought your A game for this stage. Tough call. But the winner is:

A Viking stowaway looks on as Sagan pirates Captain Fabs' sail, and California dreamin' crosses The Pond for a maiden Grand Boucle.

Almost Won mentions:

When what to Fabs' thundering thighs should appear, but a lime green caboose and Boss Hog to his rear.

natalie ‏@brassyn
Nerves, tumbles & a Sagan chicken win. Maillot Jaune Fabian laments what could have been. 

Le ditty! Sky's helmets étaient très yellow / On disait bunches de bananes / Fabs a fait le leadout / Mais le winner, c'est Sagan

Honourable mentions

Not in yellow jaune jersey like leading le coq but Peter cockishly chicken danced on pedals with lost stage virginity today.

Mary Topping @butterflywriter
Trains and fans astray, Belgian forest and field reveal Cav covets green, Fab fights strong, and Sagan's winning wings shelter none.

Jude @sister_ratched
Twitchy bunch, hair-raising finish, Sagan triumphant, and Fabian grinning. But all inconsequential till Mick gets the tick <3 

Prologue Winner:

198 men shouted "I Am Spartacus!" with every turn of the crank but in the end Fabian was fabulous, and maket his way into yellow.

Honourable Mention(s):

Wiggo nearly got it, Sagan nearly lost it, Martin punctured it, Spartacus killed it, but the real winner? DZ who 69'd it. 

Russ Mullo ‏@Russ_Mullo
prologue - Gerrans up, Grivko up, Lancaster up,Hagen up, Chavanel up, Wiggins up, Cancellara up, Evans 10 secs down :)

Lancaster tries, Tejay amazes; Martin flats, Cadel spins; Eddy Boss flies, Wiggins blazes; Sagan skids, Fabian wins.

Mary Topping ‏@butterflywriter
Liege cobbles run red on prologue day, bleeding Swiss victor speed and harpin heartbreak for world champ and Slovakian tripod.

Swiss time runs out for favorites as Fabs maket his stamp in Liège; a slowish Schleck no surprise while a chiseled Cav goes hungry.

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