Monday, July 23, 2012

#tdf133 The Finalists & Voting

We made it!! Now all 21 finalists have been confirmed. It's time for people to vote for their favourite two tweets, ranking them 1 and 2 (1 = most favourite) in the comments section below using your twitter handle  or url, or email me at tourdecouch[at] 

Tell everyone about voting. At this stage I haven't confirmed the voter's prize but I will definitely be awarding something pretty cool, I'm just waiting on someone to get back to me. Voters will be placed on a list and chosen randomly. 

As for the winner and runner up prizes for the poetry, it's either one of these:

Cyclismas - The Peter Sagan Velvet Samurai T-Shirt
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Or a polka dot cycling cap from Rocket Fuel:

In the spirit of this competition, please note, if you do want to vote yourself and you've won more than one stage so far, please make one of the votes for someone else. 

Voting closes Thursday morning (26th July) here in Oz, so sometime during Wednesday everywhere else. I will announce it on Thursday evening or Friday. You will find out if you have won or not.

Ok the finalists:


198 men shouted "I Am Spartacus!" with every turn of the crank but in the end Fabian was fabulous, and maket his way into yellow.

Stage 1:

A Viking stowaway looks on as Sagan pirates Captain Fabs' sail, and California dreamin' crosses The Pond for a maiden Grand Boucle.

Stage 2:

Cav plays Lotto on the Edge: trainswapping his way past the Gorilla.

Stage 3:

brassyn7:27am via web
Life's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Unless it's Peter Sagan & an uphill finish

Stage 5:

Stage 6:

cycletard1:15pm via TweetDeck
Swelling numbers narrow roads nervous stages territory skirmishes careless fans wheels touch skin shreds tempers flare angry words 

Stage 7:

brassynJul 08, 6:21am via web
Froome goes vroom, Wiggens embiggens and Evans is perfectly cromulent.

Stage 8:

1:13am via HootSuite
Stage Food: started with a broken carrot, and finished with a nice Pinot

Stage 9:

robwoozle9:15pm via Twitter for iPhone
Wiggins And Nairobi Krush Evans Reportedly #mnemonic

Stage 10:

sansenmagJul 12, 10:02am via web
Come the climbs, valieses of valour opened on mountain high with Voeckler seizing extra panache (hidden in sock) to outwit Voigt.

Stage 11:
LeTourFranglais7:17am via TweetDeck
Froome chassait Nibbles down si fort / Il laissait Sticks for dust!/ Le noise! Les radios, sur le blink!/ Rolland: ravi, Evans: bust

Stage 12:

cycletard7:56am via TweetDeck
Grey knight Millar soldiers on for his Argyle army, racing through the dark to snatch sweet victory in the daylight of Davézieux. 

Stage 13:
annedisney75Jul 15, 9:14am via HootSuite
Liberte: baby Spartacus free! Egalite: all are equally powerless against Greipel. Fraternite: yellow leadout for EBH Sky brother

Stage 14:

joepabikeJul 16, 12:31pm via web
Tacks at top of Mur de Péguère = nail in the coffin of those hoping for action in #TdF12stage 14! 

Stage 15:

LeTourFranglais6:23am via TweetDeck
Le ditty de stage 15: Le rest day came un jour too soon / Le peloton ont nappé / Vande Velde! Un bon try / Fédrigo l’happé chappé

Stage 16:

annedisney75Jul 19, 12:53am via HootSuite
Day of Spotty Tongue of Tommy. Froome out of nowhere a Leaky attack thwarted by Yellow Skyburns. Teejay Van NewBMCteamleaderen

Stage 17:

sansenmagJul 20, 8:10am via web
Green Bullet's bullseye and Bobblehead's bloodied handlebars decorate the mountain crime scene across the Sky of yellow and black. 

Stage 18:
RodIsBikeJul 21, 9:09am via Mobile Web
Another fine dish from Sky. Hors d'oeuvres avec Vino, desserts sought by Farrar. Mais ici le plat chaud, Wiggo servi Cav-iar 

Stage 19:

RodIsBike8:11am via Mobile Web
Le TejayV a grand vitesse mais Cadel was in mild distress. Voila toutes cent cinquante trois. Enfin Wiggo est vraiment roi 

Stage 20:

Ben_M_Berry3:16am via TweetDeck
Sky launches a celebratory Missile to culminate Wiggo's victory parade into Paris


  1. 1 = Stage 5
    2 = Stage 9
    and thanks Rach for organising all of this, has certainly made the tour a lot more fun :)

  2. 1 = Stage 5 by @CycleHermit
    2 = Stage 15 by @LeTourFranglais

  3. 1 = Stage 3
    2 = Stage 12

    Interesting little comp this, thanks :)

  4. 1 = Stage 13
    2 = Stage 16

  5. 1= Stage 13
    2= Stage 16