Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#tdf133 The Finalists & Voting Updated

We made it!! Now all 21 finalists have been confirmed. It's time for people to vote for their favourite two tweets, ranking them 1 and 2 (1 = most favourite) in the comments section below using your twitter handle or url, or email me at 

Tell everyone about voting. Australian voters aged over 18 are eligible to win a two pack of wine from James Estate Wines - more details of James Estate here Non Australian voters will receive a prize but this will be finalised after announced. Winner and runner up of poetry prizes will win one of these prizes

OK now to the poetry:


  1. I'm so sad that this slipped under my radar for most of the tour. Lovely work everyone

    1 - 3
    2 - 5

  2. So hard to choose but in the end I'll go for;
    2- 6

  3. 1st=Stage 16
    2nd=Stage 6

    I love this game. :-)

  4. 1 = Stage 15 @LeTourFranglais
    2 = Stage 5 @CycleHermit
    Thanks to @TourDeCouch and all participants for a cracking global contest here, not to mention the actual TDF itself. You watch the stage with even sharper interest than ever for this - #133 could be a good tool to help college lecturers to get classroom engagement up!