Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 #tdf133 Stage 5

This will be probably the only time we'll get a emoticon winner for #tdf133 but the way the stage was last night, this just worked so well. The winner is of course:

Honourable mentions:

8:28am via HootSuite
It's said you need to be lucky to win Lotto twice. Turns out you just need Greipel's mothers thighs. #tdf133

cycletard7:08am via TweetDeck
Pancake stage sees a bunch of carrots avoid getting cooked as a Lampre eel scuppers Armada's attack on a Gorilla who hit the lottery#tdf133

LeTourFranglais6:04am via TweetDeck
Le breakaway! Si fierce! Si brave!/ Fort, presque jusqu’à l’end!/ Un late crash scuppered Sagan’s chance/ Greipel gagnait again #tdf133 #st5

Sagan stymied & Cav cautious as Goss & Greipel grapple for glory. Tyler tumbles while Veelers evades. #tdf133

#tdf133 bold breakaway, Sky sort strategy, standard 3km stack, Greipel guns for green.

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