Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 #tdf133 Stage 12

Tough choice again. Cycletard just pips out Anne for the win.


cycletard7:56am via TweetDeck
Grey knight Millar soldiers on for his Argyle army, racing through the dark to snatch sweet victory in the daylight of Davézieux. 

Honourable mentions:

annedisney7512:05pm via HootSuite
Green battle ends in GreenEdge tears. Garmin navigation system finally delivers a break. It's Millar time!

robwoozle9:27am via Twitter for iPhone
Aussie legends Rogers & Porte keep Wiggo safe. Morons boo them. Evans fights. Millar massacres majority.

CycleHermit2:44am via HootSuite
Millar doles out the lemonade to Garmin devotees, and a devious deviation draws displeasure from the Green dynamo

Le ditty: Un stage très long! Un petit nap…/ Soudain! It all kicks off!/ Millar contrôle la pétite groupe/ Win magique pour le Scot

RodIsBike9:11am via Mobile Web

Brits on a roll, a real thriller. Olympic warm up stays on track, enchante Captain Millar

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