Friday, July 13, 2012

2012 #tdf133 Stage 10 and 11

Stage 11 


7:17am via TweetDeck
Froome chassait Nibbles down si fort / Il laissait Sticks for dust!/ Le noise! Les radios, sur le blink!/ Rolland: ravi, Evans: bust

Honourable Mentions:

RodIsBike10:24am via web
La Madeline - une piece de cake. Croix de Fer - Evans est dans Froome's wake. Nibali takes a bite. But Rolland wins outright

2:41am via web
Mon dieu! Rolland rockets to victory as Froome accidentally vrooms & Cadel goes boom. Nibs puts his money where his mouth is.

Rolland rolls to a magical victory on La Toussuire as the Vroomey Van Gee Towing Company sees a spike in service calls on the road. 

Faithful Sky puppy Froomedawg tried to escape, but kept on the leash to serve the ModMaster.

France gets the hat trick, and it's not even Bastille Day yet. Sky: 2nd verse, same as the first. 

Up and down they went, and at the end you could hear the Froome of their engine all the way up La Toussuire.

Stage 10: 

sansenmagJul 12, 10:02am via web
Come the climbs, valieses of valour opened on mountain high with Voeckler seizing extra panache (hidden in sock) to outwit Voigt.

Honourable Mentions: 

edgariglesiasJul 12, 3:21pm via Twitter for Android
NiValiant attack at Colombier downhill,although the Shark was fished by SKY. Devant, Le Grand Voeckler won with a great finisher

Attaquez-le dit l'equipe. C'est une guerre ne pas sightseeing trip. Venons l'heure venons l'homme. #VanForHire Europcar Tom

Les quatre braves stayed off le front/ But… Jens! Ta gueule, les jambes!/ Sanchez avait un go – courage!/ Mais Tommy est le BOMB

Breakaway masters motor from Mâcon to make monstrous molasses mountain sprint magical & Voeckler takes a helping of peas for dinner. 

Stage VV (10): Victorious Voeckler sees spots and stage win in slow sprint. Valiant Voigt fights fantastically but fruitlessly. 

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