Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Nim's Mum Thinks

Today I introduce a new section on the blog - What Nim's Mum Thinks.

Nimani Fernando (@nim_f on twitter) is an Andy Schleck fan from way back who is like every other Andy Schleck fan – frustrated. She loves her cycling and is a brainiac studying a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne Uni.

While Nim still gets grounded by her Mum for sleeping on the stairs after getting drunk at parties, her love of cycling has passed on to her Mum who’s becoming more and more a fan of the sport.

Nim’s Mum will be bringing us her thoughts now and then on cycling and regularly during the Tour de France by the written word or short vids.

I leave you with some recent thoughts from Nim’s Mum (via Nim’s tweets)

World Championships – Track Cycling, Melbourne

"“I don’t get this race, they ring a bell in the middle and then everyone starts sprinting, feels like a Pavlov’s dog experiment.”"

“Mum thought the guy on the derny was a spectator who had jumped on the track! She actually yelled at him to get off the track.”

“Mum won’t stop singing the national anthem. She’s sang the first verse 5 times! She’s got her head in the fridge and she’s still singing.”

Paris Roubaix

“Feed Zone!! Mum’s excited!

““Why isn’t Cadel racing, this is just silly if Cadel doesn’t race.””

Virtual Cycling

“Mum won the cycling race on Wii!! She came from 30th and finished 1st. No one in our family has been able to do that! #cyclingintheblood

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