Monday, July 18, 2011

The Tour in 133 Characters or less - Stages 14-15 - updates

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Stage 14 
Winner: @cycletard

A bootylicious Vanendert to Plateau de Beille and the Tour history books: "I don't think you're ready for this Jelle" 

Honourable mentions:
Panache Plateau GC = Game of Chess? Fireworks fizzle but Jens! adds snap crackle & pop; TV & team triumph; Jelle doesn't wobble

UCI under fire! Riders insist Voigt's heart and spirit give him unfair advantage. Calls for Yellow Jersey to be classified a PED

Good day for Jens: picnicked w/spectators, impersonated Spanish riders, ate photog heart, drove the group &; ended w/a smile

Jens crashed not once, but twice;while the GCers, they mostly played nice. kinda strange seeing so little change in a mountain range

Hommage to Casartelli,then big break broke as the Beille beckoned. Andy's attack shook but only sweat, Contador sought shelter

Stage 15 

Winner   @butterflywriter 

Voeckler flares the patron's wand as riders cross Carmague. A break with FDJ again is caught. Cav wins the sprint; Farrar cries argh 

Honourable mentions:
They carve open crosswinds, peloton-pulling, annul attacks & launch that winning kick - Cav's keen team advance the green dream.


The long and winding road dragged on til the HTC express roared into the station @ Montpellier delivering the Green engine that could

racing like greyhounds, barking like them too; Tyler tries but Cav flies & HTC train kept its schedule with just 1 stop

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