Monday, July 18, 2011

The Tour in 133 Characters or less - Stages 9-13 - updates

Firstly, thanks to #tdf133 sponsors - Apres Velo, Bikes Books and Beers, and La Clinica A Mano

Stage 9 - I neutralised the comp due to the crazy crashes. Judging the "best" summary of crashes didn't sit right with me. Sorry folks

Stage 10 -
Winner: @sansenmag:

Manx missile launch failure caused German gorilla to escape from zoo peloton

Honourable mentions:

Mostly rubber side down they rode; Cavendish missed his train & couldn't grappel Greipel. The tour wears its training bra 1 more day


PG derails the HTC train, solos in vain. No-kick Cav kicks himself as Gorilla nicks victory. TDF confirmed as “shit small race

Stage 11 
Winner  - @cycletard

Air raid sirens in Gaillac signal Manxman Mark to launch missile causing Greipel to grapple at line as Gilbert loses grip on green.

Honourable mentions:

One of @MarkCavendish best wins last night. HTC did all the chasing all the hard work and totally outclassed the others

Six slick escapees strive to make sprinters go Boom but Renshaw’s return sees HTC’s green-eyed monster secure the jersey he covets

Stage 12 

Winner - @techknowgn

AC got dropped like a rock; wasnt much of a shock, one schleck looked back, the other attacked and Voeklers the fellow in yellow

Closely following:

The Beijing king triumphant reigns the polka dots too he takes, while the lion roars in tri-couleur and the Welsh enjoy their cakes


Slipped betwixt two slips of Schleck, a Spaniard struggles as a Basque battler brings Bastille Day glory to the clan of the carrots


Stage 13 -



Vultures visit; Kloedi goes Boom; Rainbows resplendent after Thor thunders and storms the mountain; Roy's raw ride wrings our hearts  

But there were a lot of good ones:
Jeremy Roy the King of Hearts and Thor Hushovd the Ace of Clubs bet the house with two French Kings and Belgian Spade

No miracle at Lourdes; vultures spell doom for Klöden; Boom as a Norse god wages war on a newly-crowned king and hero of the mist.

On breakaway day/Roy soars into polka dots/Moncoutié does not/Thor roars to stage victory/Mountain goats play possum in Pyrenees

Good to see Thor continue Cadel's legacy in the rainbow jersey and stick that jinx where it belongs.

Big boys hold station as Thor hammers J-Roy's heart. Next target: his Garmin contract. PhilGil ignores the memo.

Roy showed heart as Thor took the Mountain by both hands & ROARED. The Peloton nodded quietly in approval for the Rainbow Stripes

Klodis back leaves Levi alone; Lars cracks with a Boom and Thor brings the Thunder on Aubisque

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