Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Tour in 133 characters or less - stages 5-8 update

Stage 5 - Winner:
'Cyclists kiss the tarmac by the coast, some surrendering skin before Cavendish leaves his critics high and dry.' @smfifteen

Honourable mentions: 
@sansenmag Crashtastic course; Frenchtastic breakaway; Berto biketoss; Nicki S in moto mess; Cav outsprints PhilGil on hill; Tommeke woebegone

@velocentric crash after crash, lots of (road) rash and Cav wins the dash. 

Stage 6 - Winner:
'Sky opens up, rains bring Viking reign on the slick streets of Lisieux' @cycletard

Honourable mentions: 
@sister_ratched 'Andouiletes! Tripe sausage todger action...Radioshack desperately seek attention, in Lance's absence? 

@sansenmag 'Rain comes and goes away as Norwegians own the day: Eddy loses stage virginity as Thor keeps jaune jersey; alas, Levi rues gravity.' 

@kernelofwisdom ' Levi's genes are stone washed today' 

@sitdowninfront This announcement was brought to you today by the letter T Test-Toss-terone for the man with a good bike throw.

Stage 7 - Winner:

@cycletard 'Sky falls, hearts break. Heads bump and swell, so too anger and bile. Press on thru pain. Abandon seems to be the hardest word.' 

Honourable mentions:
wilko602 'a colonoscopy would be more enjoyable than watching this stage.' 

smfifteen 'Brad collared by fate, Britain loses Hope. Too quick to judge! Cav outpaces Greipel. Happiness replaces grief.'

Stage 8 - Winner

smfifteen 'TJ takes the high road in vain and a vintage Vino runs dry. Gilbert auditions late for leading man but Rui is this movie's star.'

Honourable mentions:
technowgn ' TJ climbed the mountains high, Costa would vino deny, Hushovd gave a glorious try, tomorrow heads up to the sky.'

brassyn: Costa victorious as leopards watch and wait. Cadel ever more ominous. Thor smashes himself to keep yellow.

Again, more comp details here and here

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