Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Tour in 133 characters or less - Stage 1 #133 - Winner

This tweet should've been a shoe in for #tdf133 -
"started the stage across a road laid down by Moses, thru a swarm o bugs, got mooned by Borat and half the peloton hit the deck.luv the tour."  rider and new to Twitter's Stuart O'Grady
Cav also tweeted an honourable mention "Just saw today's last kilometre. Gilbert humbled everyone with the equivalence of pulling down his pants to reveal a 13 incher #YIKES." 

Only, they didn't know they had entered and plus they're pro so no stage win for them, that's the way that goes.

So drum roll please...the winner of Stage 1 #tdf133 is:

"PhilGil. Again. Steve Bartman's French cousin sabotages Contador. @CycleHermit

Honourable mentions and I suspect one of them is sure to take a stage win in the next 18 stages):

Forget Evans, forget the Schlecks, forget Contador...bravo to the BMC team for riding hard and keeping their man at the front. @Wilko602
"Omega Pharma outdo the carrots, rest of peloton follow suit. Total PhilGilHill. @brassyn 
"Tickling Trout on Eurosport tops Versus "popelling", carrot crashes, Ligget racial slur expands Anglo Empire" @cycletard
Keep tweeting everyone for your chance to win some cool prizes.  The TTT is surely to give you a lot of material. Let all your tweeps know about the comp too.

Don't forget details of the comp and the prizes are here and here.


  1. Thinking there should be a pro peloton sleeper category for tweets such as Stuey's. That was pure twitter genius!

  2. I feel like the Laurens Ten Dam of #tdf133 day one! I shall come back fighting - congrats to CycleHermit :)

  3. Yeah good idea cycletard. hope you guys keep tweeting,it was a bunch finish after all.