Monday, July 4, 2011

That's so TDF - Team Time Trials and Tribulations

TTT time! Who could forget the last one in 2009?  Agritubel’s disco helmets and whole teams falling in ditches. One of the teams was Skil-Shimano and poor Koen de Kort still painfully remembers.

While there were no disco helmets, there were big green golf balls and disco outfits.  And while whole teams didn't fall into a ditch, Saxobank rode the whole stage looking for one to hide in. Not because of more time lost but because of the boos Contador, WADA, Riis,sponsors, RFEC, the Spanish Government, Spanish cattle farmers, cows, UCI, CAS and the media all helped to produce and made them suffer.

Meanwhile the Schlecks, who are just as bad at time trials as Saxo's Noval and Hernandez, managed to gain time on Contador, carried by Spartacus, Linus and Fuglsang. And this is how Andy looked immediately after the stage.

Let's hope he was later able to take part in Leopard Trek dinner debates such as 'did the moon landing happen'. It seems Frank is a non believer because in reply to Christian VDV,who said something like of course the landing happened, it was the USA – even more American exceptionalism than you can point a Team Time Trial helmet at – Frank said this. Perhaps Cav and his WAG might lift up the brows - and the eyes - of discussions. Funnily enough though, look at the quote on Frank's Twitter profile. 

While whole teams didn't crash, poor Bernie Eisel did on the first corner. But he made the time cut despite wounds so he gets the Jens Jens-ness award for today.  

Now on to the TTT presentation.  We all remember the Badger's formidable reaction skills and strength at keeping people off the stage who distract from riders glory. If you don't, here's a reminder. So how the hell did he let this happen then? Yep, that's the Vomatron award for today.

On a lighter note, here's some fan pics and photos from non GW like photographers.Well worth a look.
Fan, Mark Pinsent  and photographers Veeral Patel and G Cameron at Pez Cycling. Check out Cameron's pic of the UCI magically changing/adhering to rules. 

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