Wednesday, July 6, 2011

That's so TDF - Cuddles

So let’s recap. The major favourite loses time on the first day, the TTT was darn tooting exciting right til the last team rolled through (will OPL come last? I thought biting my nails), Farrar finally wins a stage with Thor yellow jersey leading him out, then two GC contenders go for it on Stage 4.  

Chapeau Christian Prudhomme, chapeau. Yes, chapeau Cycling Weekly from us francophiles– we’re here, our “bidons” are full of Belgian beer, get used to it.

Well, of course, he didn’t plan that spectator crash which saw Contador at a handicap from day 1, but no prologue, the TTT, and the non cobbled classics like action has been spectacular. 

Your heart would not be beating if you talked about stage 4 and didn’t talk about the salute. Cadel’s almost saying “Contador, you’re in enough trouble mate, this is NOT going to go down well with the crowds, especially those who know “that’s so not PRO” to do when it’s that close.”  

Maybe deep down Contador knew too - it wasn't the lame-o pistol. Bar the thumbs up thing now and then, Cuddles doesn’t really have a signature victory salute. Andy has one - the Tiesto hands in the air disco dancing victory salute that’s as uncoordinated as his time trialling. So what should Cadel do – what about something alluding to his nickname. Hugging himself as he crosses the line? No? But I can imagine it “Oooh…here comes Cuddles, Schleckette – NOW you know who I am?  I know who you are -  you haven’t won the tour yet either. You need CAS to win a tour..”  That’d be some trash talk.    

The award for Thor Thorness goes to - Thor.  5th.  Nothing else to say. 

Speaking of Thor, Garmin have revealed to Esquire what Thor eats – and surprisingly no it’s NOT gravel. 

Leopard Trek asked Linus how his day was.Without a shred of fan girl there’s only one word that comes to mind when you see Linus. Beautiful.  How does he keep his hair like that? The answer. Zabriskie, take note.

Sprinter bitch slaps

After probably almost causing a crash yesterday and Cav saying so, Feillu called Cav arrogant. He says Cav while having a brilliant burst of speed, a lot of power and a great aerodynamic position, is only the strongest sprinter because of his team. Feillu prefers Hushovd or Pettachi as he feels similar to them, especially Thor “because of our favoured route profiles..and then in term of discretion.”  Can anyone tell me how discrete was Feillu's team car moto pacing him back to the peloton after the bike change at about 10kms to go?  He even motioned for them to go faster, faster. Thor and Cav meanwhile will forever remain DQ’d from the St 3 intermediate sprint.  Anyway, Cav has other worries. :(    

Phil and Paul “colourful” clangers - last night – Phil: Anthony Charteau has had a “retarded” season…. 

Sites to check out: Veeral Patel's blog should be on your daily list anyway, but just in case it's not, here's his post and photos from today's stage. And Pez has quite an enjoyable read about Brittany at TDF time.

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  1. Yes,yes i know, retarded has another meaning and it's not offensive.