Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That's so TDF - Fabianese as a Second Language

At one point during last night's stage on the couch, I looked away to read a few things for what I thought was just a moment. I awoke to my find my face stuck to my iphone.  Oh dear, what did I miss?

"Why is my stepdaughter leading the peloton in France (which looks a lot like Lake Burley Griffin right now) and how did the UCI approve her sweet mongoose bmx?" I asked sleepily. The screensaver was on and it was scrolling through my husband's photos on the media centre. This - and the tractor bikes - was as exciting as last night's stage got - until about the last 10kms.   

Bernie Eisel must be suffering still from the TTT crash because he peeled off surprisingly early. The initial look Tony Martin gave him, I thought he was going to get all policeman  on his arse.  HTC went way too early for some reason which left enough space for Garmin's train not to look ridiculous like it has in other years - although that was also largely down to Thor.  Tyler gets maximum points for making me teary - for the W of course but also post interview when he started to tear up speaking about Thor leading him out. He said (paraphrase) "How often do you have Thor Hushovd, World Champion and the yellow jersey leading you out." Woah. That's really nice. 

But that - not Tyler thanking him, but Thor leading anyone out - actually rankles some people - like it did me the whole classics season when they left Thor in the cage. Thor in yellow makes up for it, but it did get a little under my skin when commentary/post stage analysis last night said it was like Lance's domestique Victor Hugo Pena who was in yellow in 2003, who then worked for Lance. Thor,domestique?  

It looks like yellow jersey love has seen Thor bury the hammer with Cav. After the ridiculous ruling about their minor headbutting Thor offered this gesture:

In other UCI anally retentive news, they sent out a new video about how TTT and road bikes must be set up. Here it is  Let's hope the UCI doesn't take over the Naked Bike Ride like it wants to with skateboarding.

The "You say Leo-pard, I say tom-ate-o file." Forgive me if I'm wrong, but telling a journo or a commentator how they should pronounce a team name when that name is English, unlike say Euskatel or Liquigas, is surely asking for trouble i.e. how many would adhere to the rules? But it appears many don't say "lep-ard" anymore even if the way they say it isn't as per the Leopard Trek press release  i.e. "lay-o-pard". 

It seems many respect it like it's culturally significant and sensitive without the team really explaining why layopard. However, Paul and Phil tried to explain this cultural significance last night. Where does lee-o-pard come from, Paul asked rhetorically as he was about to tell us. Apparently the rich guys who own Leopard-Trek, were sitting down over a couple of cups of Kopi Luwak and were thinking of a name. They named it Leopard after the Leopard tank first introduced in 1965 in Germany.

So they want to be seen as this strong mighty clunky military machine rather than the sleek animal? Perhaps it was meant to avoid comparisons to the animal such as "Can Kim Anderson really change his spots?"

Or maybe it's because they just want to blow shit up*.Surely that explains the name, but the pronunciation - lay-o-pard?  Well it does actually - at least the way Phil and Paul say it.  Listen here . If it's after the tank it looks like it should be pronounced lee-o-pard. But how does that explain lay-oh-pard?  It's not a mystery I'm going to spend any more time trying to solve anyway.

FSL - Fabianese as a second language - Or the Leopard pronunciation could simply just be a version of Fabianese. Fabianese is officially now a language - Spartacus says so:

The Fabianese English was first spoken and created by Fabian Cancellara, but which @sitdowninfront first gave a name to.  Look at pretty much any one of Fabian's tweets and you'll see an example of it. 

The Times - three days in and  I don't know how many more sleepless nights to go, seems the talk on twitter about Contador just won't go away. They're still talking about the Saxo pre event press conference.'Look what he said to Kimmage purple monkey dishwasher.'. Kimmage is the anti-Lance of the anti-doping obsessed. I do admire him and his balls especially when he asked questions while most swooning journos were, well swooning. However, Contador did need to be asked the question and probably a few more - or at least his people should have been expecting it and been better prepared. His answers didn't satisfy many, and it probably didn't Kimmage.

I'm not meaning to sound offensive or mocking here, but how much questioning does Kimmage do of himself regarding the kingdom he is a part of working for the Sunday Times particularly after the latest allegations of Murdoch's News of the World hacking missing girl Milly Dowler's phone. Of course it's a separate paper etc etc, and Kimmage has to earn a living. But at the end of the day, his articles help bring in revenue for Murdoch who at the very least can't get HIS house in order in regards to this hacking issue. The media stable Paul Kimmage is a part of also allowed him that access last year with Team Sky - were there heaps of hard questions asked when he was there? Again, I don't mean anything and OF COURSE doping also needs scrutiny, but it's good to have perspective sometimes. 

Favourite pics of today 

My fave pics of today are this  - Tyler, and this - Cadel, in polka dots, wearing a cycling cap, reading L'equipe.
Again, check out Veera Patel's photos from today and here's Kristof Ramon's from the TTT yesterday.

*(UPDATED - this link doesn't appear to be playing on mobile devices)


  1. Kimmage had access to Team Green but Wiggins didn't like his presence so Kimmage was kicked out/blocked from doing anything of worth.


  2. Oh,oops- i will do an update/corrections later as i dont want to be unfair.