Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stage 4 - The Tour in 133 characters or less #tdf133

Quite a few entries today.  But after much deliberation, the winner is: 

@brassyn again with: 
"Hell yes, GC boys come out to play early. Cadel overcomes Bert's premature celebration.'
Again @Wilko602 just misses out today with:
"Wouldn't mind knowing what Alberto Contador is using for his teeth whitening...Dulux, British Paints.'

Cycletard just misses out on second and rounds out the podium with: 
Cuddles beats Contador by a scant six inches. Remember, it's not what's in your meat that matters, but how you use it....'
Honourable mentions:
@butterflywriter Yes, if there had been another K, AC may have outlasted Cadel. Grimaces could be because he was not liking wet shorts.

@sprintingforsigns in a bid to make the first week exciting again, the organisers take a note out of the Classics to add some spice to the race.

@Cyclehermit Burghardt & Big George schlepp Cadel up Mur for win, Contador grits his teeth to find Giro form, Thor honors Yellow in fine fashion.

Unofficial honourable mention:
Not a pro this time, but a tweet I somehow came across from a guy who didn't know about the comp but now he does
@richtwits expecting a population spike in 9 months, everyone is rooting for @CadelOfficial. Jolly good show chap.

Please keep tweeting, Brassyn's won two in a row now, catch her napping in a crosswind.

Again, more details here and here

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