Monday, July 4, 2011

Stage 2 - The Tour in 133 Characters or less #tdf133

 A real photo finish! Even harder to pick a winner today.

Congrats - Cycletard had the slightest fraction of a tyre in front:
 BMC's Pilot Fish can't catch Cuddles' yellow as Fabs fires on 4 cylinders in search of Andy's pony. Thor SMASHes polka dots for win!
Very closely followed by @Wilko602 with:
Woke up with a sore back...probably to do with my TTT position on the couch.
And  @brassyn:
Astana disco-shimmers, Carrot trundles, Bernie sadfaces, Fabian tows, Phil banana's, Cadel fights & Garmin conquers.
Honourable mention:
Cycle Hermit Stage 2: Thor trades chicken pox for jaundice. @Vaughters crotchshot on podium.

Unknowing pro cyclist unofficial winners:
Greg Henderson “oooohhhhhh. out of the jersey by one measly little second. that would rip your nighty”

Keep tweeting everyone for your chance to win some cool prizes.  Stage 3 - flat with potential for cross winds - what can happen??

Don't forget details of the comp and the prizes are here and here.

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