Thursday, July 7, 2011

That's so TDF - I saw your crash,I'm a karma believer

Lots of strong reactions from riders yesterday about the parcours so far.  Sprinters want GC'ers to bugger off and form their own Tour de France, race radio proponents (except Vaughters who is still screaming beside the bus about the TTT win) think the course is way too dangerous,and others aren't saying anything at all because they're still picking Bretagne bitumen from their wounds. But after reading and hearing a lot of the reactions it's all starting to sound like, well I don't know what it sounds like because it's only a sound dogs can hear.

It could be said all of them (including the ASO) are right, and all of them (including the ASO) are wrong. But when it comes to remembering the annals of this tour, will we remember Contador and Braijkovic crashing, what Renshaw, Cav, Horner and Bruyneel said after the race, or will we remember Cadel edging out Alberto Contador, Cav sprinting up a lump (much to Feillu's chagrin) without his traditional lead out man, and Boonen (ride of Stage 5 just before Cav) battling home to make the time cut.

I saw Contador's crash, I'm a karma believer 
With boos from the outset - not in the ampitheatre, the opinion poll leading into the tour - it was quite clear the French wanted their pound of flesh from Contador. It is now available for them to buy from the official ASO merchandise shop online. It was also quite clear on Twitter there was worldwide jubilation after Contador's crash. It's amazing how a skinny kid who just wants to ride his bike - and is officially sanctioned to do so - can enrage and unite so many people and also do the impossible - turn atheists into karma believers.

Other observations - I bet Greipel feels just like Cadel did all those years at Omega Pharma Lotto. It was quite clear that the only thing stopping him on Stage 5 was Philip Gilbert, who it was at least publicly revealed anyway, was only targeting stages 1 and 4. That makes him a sad..Gorilla.

#firstwordproblems - expensive bike not doing what Wiggins and Contador want it to. #thirdworldproblems - Beijing Bicycle.

The Global Doping Police
Speaking of Garmin - were we really, does it matter? - they won the TTT only a few days ago and Hollywood's already made a film about it.

The Vanity Van of Food Consumption (Trademark - @brassyn- yes nyvelocity,trademarked  )
The coiner of this phrase, Brassyn, said 'say what you will (quite validly) about Sky last year, but at least they didn't have the Vanity Van of Food Consumption (copyright).' What are you talking about you ask? This. I can just see tomorrow morning before the stage start, Voigt and Stuey trying to get Andy away from the mirror. "C'mon Andy – we have to get to the start.' 'Hold on I want to look at this picture for a bit longer, I’m transfixed….it’s beautiful…I’ve never seen such beauty before.' Was Andy never to be seen since?

Almost the Vomatron award - Was Team Sky's video about rainforests.  But the way Gerraint Thomas says 'Green is the new black' is too cute for me to throw up me carrots.

Phil and Paul clanger - Sherwen after Contador's thumbs up to the TV after his crash. Thumbs up sign 'to the spectators...obviously the Spanish spectators..... to let them know I'm ok.'

SBS clanger - (via @cycleadagio) - this ad played during last night's (and others probably) coverage from the cycling network.

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