Friday, July 1, 2011

Giro Donne

While the guys at the Tour de France are still recovering today from playing silly buggers yesterday, the 136 riders participating in the Giro Donne leave Rome for their 934km trek in Italy. After covering around 8751 metres of climbing in ten stages, the race concludes with a 16km TT on 10 July in San Franceso Al Campo.

Australian riders account for 7% of the field. And they are:
4     Rachel Neylan (Diadora Pasta Zara)
57   Tiffany Cromwell (Hitec)
86   Bridie O'Donnell  (Top Girls)
121 Rochelle Gilmore (Lotto Honda)
128 Vicki Whitelaw  (Lotto Honda)
131 Shara Gillow (Bizkaia Durango)
132 Davina Summers (Bizkaia Durango)
135 Ruth Corset (Bizkaia Durango)
146 Carla Ryan (Garmin Carvelo)
155 Angela McClure (Kleo Ladies Team)

To keep up with the race, I advise following _Pigeons_ on Twitter.  She's also set up a handy twitter list here so you can follow the tweeting riders, and Podium Cafe has some other handy links:
Who's riding and who to follow
A brief race preview
Bridie O Donnell's insider thoughts

And here's another good site to follow on the Giro Donne.  

Can't wait to catch the racing somehow.

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