Monday, July 4, 2011

Giro Donne - Stage 3 - 'Roller Coaster'

More winngingest this year (?) than Gilbert - Marianne Vos is back in pink. A hard stage by the looks of it and totally suited to her. I'm not trying to give an account of every stage here, just trying to put into the one place where you can go for as much coverage on the race as you can rather than try and find it all yourself if you don't have the time to go looking.

Here's quite a big chunk of the stage on this vid via _Pigeons_ who summed it up in one tweet 'Seriously, st 3 #GiroDonne had everything - course profile like teeth of a comb, scenery, great racing, and Marina Romoli'

Podium cafe's account here where a lot of riders' tweets etc have also been collected.

Garmin has a summary and photos of st 1-3 here.

CJ Farquharson's photos here at - they're the same ones as Rachel Neylan's link to the Giro Donne website, but why not increase traffic for these guys.  There's also a great report on their site too.  Here's my fave photo - Marina Romoli (former Pasta Zara presenting the Maglia Rosa, who's been in a wheelchair since being hit seriously by a car last year, followed by this one of Shara Gillow in the Maglia Rosa in a break, and this of Vos winning.

Shara Gillow lies fourth, with her Bizkaia Durango teammate Ruth Corset in 12th.

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