Saturday, July 2, 2011

Giro Donne - Stage 1

Giro Donne - Roma to Velteri - 86km

Vos wins! Teutenberg second, Johansson third. Rochelle Gilmore finished 12th. She later tweeted "Day1-Giro Donne; 100% over the climb, then uphill cobbled sprint..Errrr! 12th!"  There was a crash with 15km to go which USA rider for Colavita Forno d'Asol, Theresa Cliff-Ryan was caught up in. I'm not sure if this was the same one new Norway champion, Froydis Waersted broke her collarbone in as details are a bit hard to come by.  The uphill (screen shot in Podium cafe link below) finish looked like a bastard, but fit for awesome Marianne Vos. 

Check out this video - including footage from the handlebars! (via _pigeons_)

Cycling news report here
Some more stuff at Podium cafe
HTC has a photo gallery here

Aussie watch:

12 Rochelle Gilmore
15 Ruth Corset
27 Shara Gillow
30 Vicki Whitelaw
53 Carla Ryan
56 Rachel Neylan
104 Angela McClure
114 Tiffany Cromwell
117 Bridie O'Donnell
118 Davina Summers

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